Decorative Jewlery

Screams throughout Germany: Gedon, jewellery, decorative and use stones are made of granite and concrete. Gedon stones are spattered colored granite and concrete blocks. It comes in the colors pink and black. The visible side of these handmade works of art decorated with glitter and rhinestones so that results a sparkling surface with different motives. Two different motifs available for selection, namely a heart and a lovable skull. Cambodia scholars has similar goals.

Gedon stones are ideal because of their dimensions and weight as the weight of any kind. Due to the weather resistance of the stones, they can be used as decoration and accessory use within your own four walls, but offer excellent possibilities for your cherished garden as oasis of relaxation! Gedon offers innovative design options for indoor and outdoor for kids and adults! Scene 1 a heart, which symbolically represents love, joy and togetherness. Thus, this heart of stone is ideal as a gift for Christmas, Valentine’s day, birthdays and for Suitable souvenirs of all kinds. Young and old enjoy this glitter heart. -“The heart, the love never dies.” The second possible motive is the skull called skally. Skally is a very nice and would rather skull, its Augen red glow and shine when the light fitting on. He hasn’t got a mouth, what to interpret is that he is a good and very “human” audience, particularly young people and adolescents to him for good.

Skally, he stands on the one hand for rebellion and rebellion, on the other hand for the good in people generally, because you never know if this arm or Empire in a skull, was pretty or ugly, big or small. He stands for that transitory, on the other hand for the classic timeless. Pirates and Buccaneers used this symbol as a trade mark, skally being the much dearer and nicer contemporary. The Gedon stones have different ways to use and offer a pure colors for lonely souls of glitter. Let the sparkling surface of the stones appear their home in small but beautiful way in a glittering paradise. Any views on these gems changed your perspective on the positive and cheerful way, let your inner self and your soul dangle and brings you even a smile on the lips. No matter whether skally or heart these artworks operate wellness for your well-being! So what are you waiting for, get yourself the ultimate gift for any occasion! gedonsteine by Gerlinde ADE

Today When The Carpenter In The Online Shop You Buy Smart Natural Wood Furniture!

There is hardly a product that can be ordered online and delivered. Therefore, more and more craft enterprises develop their own brand. And care in addition to their traditional workshop also to their Web sites, social-media – and shop portals and sometimes even their own online shops. Here the example of a Frankish joinery: feel good with fair, ecologically and sustainably produced furniture “has the craft operating near the town of Bamberg with his new brand of furniture oak woman” on the flags written. High quality furniture from local wood are produced by the own, tenured staff to order and shipped nationwide.

The costs and the risk for the development of the brand oak woman”wears the Carpenter master family itself. There is no government subsidy for this project. The budget is accordingly scarce, large advertising campaigns are not there financially: I am responsible for my company, my Carpenter apprentices and trainees, can the continuation of the ongoing Not endanger the joinery company with a new idea”in so the 50-year master of the Carpenter. I am however convinced that today’s customer looks more and more on the Internet and is perfectly willing to pay a fair price for a good, honest product. Comfortably at home to seek out high-quality made in Germany”furniture to build even without tool itself and at any time to be able to extend that did not exist in the network so far! “Therefore he relies on transparent and honest communication with the customers, for example in the form of its own Facebook page for the furniture of wife of oak. It had more than 1000 fans to the opening of the shop in September 2013. She is looked after 49 years old and since the company was founded in 1990 for advertising and marketing at Thomas Schuhmann Innenausbau GmbH responsible in addition to other social media channels by wife Silvia Schuhmann. I have many nice contacts from all over Germany page of Carpenter for several years both privately and on our Facebook, often have questions about furniture or even how to spot good carpenter”she smiles often I’ve recommended then fellow craftsmen from our Association, because the typical furniture of the carpenter usually do not cross can be transported through Germany and assembled locally.

With our new oak woman system that go “are manufactured the furniture with modern CNC technology, requires precise cuts into the material to the necessary connections to create the specially developed connectors of the furniture of wife of oak. But even handmade and tact is required for many operations. Local wood is processed without exception. For such projects and developments, real entrepreneurship without fear is needed to open up new sales channels to raise a new awareness. Rethinking is needed, away by mass consumption and throw-away mentality, towards more durable and high quality and environmentally friendly and healthy sustainability. Contact: Silvia Schuhmann (marketing, press relations team oak women) Thomas Schuhmann Innenausbau GmbH To the Ruhstein 7, 96110 Schesslitz Tel. 095427585 fax 09542772419

Healthiest Sport

Swimming keeps and protects the joints. A swimming pool in the garden is no longer a luxury long. The pool is not only fun, swimming promotes health. With the physical properties of the water, swimming is one of the healthiest sports that there are. Because every movement in the water demand more physical exertion than on the air, a higher energy sales is generated and this promotes the calorie consumption. Also the heart circulatory system and lung function are trained by regular swimming.

The blood vessels that lie just under the skin, are pressed together by the high water pressure on the body and push the blood back towards heart. The body is only one-seventh in the water as hard as on land and the buoyancy protects above all the joints. Improve the lung function and lung volume. This leads to a smoother breathing rhythm in regular swimming. Because many people lack the time to the regular visits of the swimming pool, is the own Swimming is becoming more popular. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor pool in the garden. Thanks to the advanced technology of the swimming pool, the construction of a swimming pool is now feasible for every homeowner.

In Germany, the outdoor swimming pools must be covered but at night. The nights are so cold, having an open swimming pool heat loss of up to 10 degrees. A special pool cover keeps the energy in the water and it the ongoing energy costs can be reduced up to 70%. Also who like long trains is not wrongly advised with a pool. Through the use of a counter-current, an endless swimming even in small pools can be simulated. Not only the most famous Schwimmstile such as breast or backstroke, crawl, or dolphin, also the various forms of aqua fitness can be performed at home. The motto of the aqua fitness is basically perform all exercises in the gym in the water. Jogging, steppe or dumbbells press must have that the muscles do more work the advantage in the water without taxing joints. Through the greater resistance coordination and mobility promoted as strength, endurance. Different variants of aqua fitness to promote blood circulation, the cardio vascular system and the physical and mental health. A not insignificant part of this should be fun. With the many different ways of the aqua fitness is something for every style of sports. Of martial arts movements, or weight training, jogging and stitch, to dance and stretching exercises, everything is represented. Specially for children, there is nothing better than to splash around in the water. Parents should take advantage of this joy and as often as possible an opportunity to children to exercise one of the healthiest sports.

Federal Youth Games

Only a self-designed apartment provides appropriate flair wall decals, which are offered in various designs are the trend in the design of the wall. In home improvement stores, interior decorators and online shops can be found practically in every room of the matching wall decals. Thus, you can add a personal touch to the walls and beautify this naturally within shortest time. That looks good only in solid color wallpaper, wallpapers with stripes or other patterns of subtle lettering can cause very good advantage. The decals (stickers) determines a new individuality and coziness the rooms. The online shops offer their own templates, but also the possibility to design your own decals (stickers) and to order. The wall stickers can be applied virtually on any surface, even on woodchip.

You can be easily removed so that you can quickly change the appearance of the walls with changing wall decals. Also the wall stickers can be wiped off, especially in Kitchen and bathroom is important. Wall panels of Blackboard foil are a special highlight. It can be labeled me water soluble crayons are versatile So you can bring them for example at the kitchen door and to draw up a shopping list. Once a product goes out, it is recorded and transferred to a shopping list before shopping. So nothing is forgotten when shopping. In the dining room, you can install the Tablet film and each day write what is there to eat. Attached to the nursery door, everything can be recorded what is important for the children, as the deadline for the Federal Youth Games clean up her room, for example, that project a week or at the pediatrician.

Properly Ventilate Premises

The mold in the apartment don’t stand a chance give the winter is just around the corner and thus increase the cost of the heating again. Financial reasons everyone would of course keep its costs as low as possible. The environment benefits as well. New objects have a good thermal insulation. That saves, but also has the effect, that more solid ventilation must be respected. The topic airing is a special, often providing emotional discussions between landlord and tenant.

The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen explains how proper ventilation helps to prevent trouble. The mold give no chance new buildings are no longer affected by leaky doors and Windows. This however also means that a proper ventilation is even more important. Unless it gets no more air, without having to open the window. Besides, there is a controlled housing ventilation.

The modern construction helps to reduce energy costs. If at the same time but does not regularly review is ventilation, leads it to do so, that there is a poor climate in the rooms. And even worse: incorrect or even no ventilation can be the cause of mold. The subject of mold in the home is always a very emotional tension between tenants and landlords or management appointed by him. Everyone assigns blame the other. Structural defects may be equally eligible. Still applies to tenants: better prevent and properly ventilate. So is it even on the safe side and no risk comes in, even being the “polluter pays”. Who correctly airs and heats, contributes to a healthy environment in the living areas and ensures that mould endangers the health of not. For detailed information about all services the House Administration Gamdhi casting available at any time. Press contact property management Gierschner contact person: Mr Gamdhi fountain trail 3 35394 Giessen Tel.: 06 41 / 93 02 86 fax: 06 41 / 93 02 88 E-Mail: website: