Healthiest Sport

Swimming keeps and protects the joints. A swimming pool in the garden is no longer a luxury long. The pool is not only fun, swimming promotes health. With the physical properties of the water, swimming is one of the healthiest sports that there are. Because every movement in the water demand more physical exertion than on the air, a higher energy sales is generated and this promotes the calorie consumption. Also the heart circulatory system and lung function are trained by regular swimming.

The blood vessels that lie just under the skin, are pressed together by the high water pressure on the body and push the blood back towards heart. The body is only one-seventh in the water as hard as on land and the buoyancy protects above all the joints. Improve the lung function and lung volume. This leads to a smoother breathing rhythm in regular swimming. Because many people lack the time to the regular visits of the swimming pool, is the own Swimming is becoming more popular. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor pool in the garden. Thanks to the advanced technology of the swimming pool, the construction of a swimming pool is now feasible for every homeowner.

In Germany, the outdoor swimming pools must be covered but at night. The nights are so cold, having an open swimming pool heat loss of up to 10 degrees. A special pool cover keeps the energy in the water and it the ongoing energy costs can be reduced up to 70%. Also who like long trains is not wrongly advised with a pool. Through the use of a counter-current, an endless swimming even in small pools can be simulated. Not only the most famous Schwimmstile such as breast or backstroke, crawl, or dolphin, also the various forms of aqua fitness can be performed at home. The motto of the aqua fitness is basically perform all exercises in the gym in the water. Jogging, steppe or dumbbells press must have that the muscles do more work the advantage in the water without taxing joints. Through the greater resistance coordination and mobility promoted as strength, endurance. Different variants of aqua fitness to promote blood circulation, the cardio vascular system and the physical and mental health. A not insignificant part of this should be fun. With the many different ways of the aqua fitness is something for every style of sports. Of martial arts movements, or weight training, jogging and stitch, to dance and stretching exercises, everything is represented. Specially for children, there is nothing better than to splash around in the water. Parents should take advantage of this joy and as often as possible an opportunity to children to exercise one of the healthiest sports.