Publication of scientific articles in several stages, initially to agree on the theme of a scientific article with the supervisor, explains the editor in chief of the scientific journal "Economy of Sociology and Law." The second step is to actually write the text of the article. And the scientific article should be a part of your dissertation in scientific terms, in plain language – to reflect the basic elements of the thesis. Preparation of a scientific publication, a lot of effort, every graduate student or doctoral student is faced with this problem in the preparation of the dissertation for defense. Nevertheless, it is scientific publications demonstrate the scientific community, the main points and relevant elements of your thesis. Currently, scientific publications are one of the main ways the professionals and the public current research in the field of economics, sociology and law. I would like to note that the publications should be placed in specialized scientific journals. For example, the journal "Economics, Sociology and Law" is a specialized central scientific publication. The magazine can be placed scientific publications on economics, sociology and law. By submitting your article in the magazine, you get a scientific publication in one of the leading journals in Russia.

Obligator Insurance

The fiscalization is imperfection and corrupt, where the facts are not dealt with imparcialidade, the fiscalization forgets that it I transit pertence to all and fits they to keep the order and to make with that the laws are fulfilled, more lamentably is not this who we see in the day the day. One individualistic transit, sick person, without gentility where the law prevails of strongest. In Brazil the signal of I transit, the pedestrian band and the ciclistas are in second plain, the streets are treated as enclosures for bullfighting equem leave losing are all the society. A country where the accidents and murders already are part of our day the day, therefore who dwarf respects the laws it is the same that to puchar the trigger and not to have direction are to take a shot for lost bullet. Many of these assassins, are untied therefore our justice are blind, slow he fails.

A country that the illiteracy index grows to each day. soon now, in the way of this invisible war appears a new propagates without identity still, we nickname where it motorized bicycle. Who invented I does not know, more trambolho seems to be plus one to at risk make it difficult and to place the life of drivers and pedestrians in transit. Therefore the purpose of bicycle it is to pedalar and to pedalar, which the direction in placing an engine in the bicycle? In many countries also to a great incentive of the government for the use of the same one. Therefore pedalando, the ciclista if keeps in form and polui the environment not disencumbering the great urban ways. Now to place an engine in a bicycle is not to have what to make! It is a disrespect with the society that still tries to decipher the transit, worse it is to have consuming for this type of maluquice.

It seems that to remain itself, the bicycle had that to be modernized to satisfy the whims of the ciclistas of century XXI. The Code of Brazilian Transit, motorized bicycle does not exist. The nomenclature of this vehicle is Moped. The proprietor of the motorized bicycle, that if calls in the truth Moped has that to collect Obligator Insurance, to pay to IPVA and licensing. its conductor has that to be qualified in the category ' ' A' ' to walk with the helmet duly affixed on the head.

The Population Of The Earth

In winter 2006 the world population exceeded 6, 5 billion people, while less than 20 years ago July 11, 1987 the figure stood at 5 billion the entire second half of XX century was accompanied by rapid population growth, the so-called "Population explosion". According to most scientists, the earth is overpopulated, and a further increase in population will lead to a global ecological catastrophe. Some experts believe that the increase in the number short-term nature of the population, and in 2010 will go down. It is known that for millennia the world population was small and grew slowly. The most likely his numbers at the beginning of our era – 230 million, of which 2 / 8 were living in Asia. Over the next thousand years it has grown to 288 million extremely inhibited growth of high mortality and often interrupted by wars, pestilence, famine, leading to an equilibrium between births and mortality.

The growth rate of world population dramatically accelerated since the mid XVIII century, especially in Europe, which was due to the development of capitalism. Ry rapid population growth in America and Australia was caused by the influx of immigration, mainly from Europe. The rapid acceleration of growth in population occurred in the middle of the XX century. If in the first half of it is increased to 1, 5 times, then over the next 37 years – has doubled. After World War II everywhere mortality has fallen sharply, which was mainly due to the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics. Fertility declined relatively slowly, and in some places, temporarily increased. This led to "Population explosion".

But it is characteristic only for developing countries to developed countries, however, population growth has declined, and in some – has stopped. The share of developed countries in the world's population rapidly decreasing etsya from 33% in 1950 to 23% in 1990 recent years, population growth rates are highest in Africa (about 3% per year) and Latin America (more than 2%). In some European countries (Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Sweden) is a natural decline in population. Today, more than half humanity lives in Asia. The most populous countries in the world – China and India. This is followed by the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. Russian Federation within its borders in 2009 achieved in terms of population (142 million) in ninth place in the world.