Natural Cosmetics

Most recently submitted Davines lovers of natural cosmetics its latest developments in this direction. Emphasizing the "natural" concept of its beauty, Davines has released a special line of natural dyes for the direct dyeing hair Finest Pigments, which consists of 98% natural ingredients. Line of natural dyes Finest Pigments consists of 14 shades, and a colorless dye designed for soft tinting of hair. Finest Pigments contains no ammonia and requires no activator. Dyes Finest Pigments are designed to enhance color and gloss natural hair or to maintain and restore the color of dyed hair. Can be used to impart hue bleached or colored strands, to obtain an intense color to bleached hair. Ideal for natural painting first gray hair in both women and men. Finest Pigments – a flexible system of coloring, which allows you to use all the shades alone or blend them together. Natural composition of the paint (Ratanui extract, tomato paste, saffron, cashew nuts, ginger, rice, cellulose polymers, oil rose) lets you use it right after a perm or after treatment with emollients. Consider the properties of natural ingredients dye Finest Pigments in more detail: Water (deionized water) – Purified water from which ions are removed. In the deionization process also removes nitrates, calcium, magnesium and heavy metals. Ratanui extract – astringent, soothing and calming effect for sensitive skin, prone to the appearance of inflammatory elements. Tomato extract – due to the content of lycopene protects the hair from traumatic effects of uv irradiation slows down premature aging, reduces the destructive power of free radicals.