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This without speaking in other consequences as: increased consumption of coffee, alcohol, incapacity of concentration, frequent conflicts, feeling of onipotncia, low personal income and raised taxes of occupational absenteeism. Some scholars of the subject defend the Syndrome of Burnout as> being different it estresse of it. They allege that this illness involves negative attitudes and behaviors with regard to the customers (using of its service), organization and work, it estresse while it would appear more as a personal exhaustion with interference in its relation with the work. Stress is not an illness, is a reaction of the organism to one or more overloads. Whereas the Syndrome of Burnout is a psychic riot of depressive character, preceded of intense physical and mental exhaustion, defined for Herbert J.

Freudenberger as ‘ ‘ (&) a state of physical and mental exhaustion whose cause is closely on to the life profissional’ ‘. The twelve periods of training of Burnout more known and evidentes are: autoafirmao necessity; intensified devotion, normally tapeworm ; indifference with basic the personal necessities that throughout the time lose the pleasant direction as: to eat, to sleep, to leave with the friends; he stresses of conflicts – the carrier perceives that something does not go well, but does not face the problem. It is when the physical manifestations occur; reinterpretao of the values – isolation, escape of the conflicts. What before it had value suffers depreciation: leisure, house, friends, and the only one measured of auto-esteem is the work; negation of problems – in this phase the others completely are devaluated and had as incapable. The social contacts are repelled, cynicism and aggression is the signals evidentes (as he was salient); collect; evidentes changes of behavior; depersonalization; interior emptiness; depression – indifference marks, deprives of hope, exhaustion. The life loses the direction; e, finally, the syndrome of the professional exhaustion properly said, that corresponds to the physical and mental collapse. This period of training is> considered of emergency and the medical and psychological aid it is a urgent way.