General Physical Techniques

In addition to the proposed preventive measures exclude altogether from his training in the squat and penetration rods. Take no more than 80-85% of 1RM. Traction only do jog. First, the smaller weight rod, and secondly, it is more practical – useful for lifting the barbell on his chest and bench standing, third will receive a 3 in 1 – speed, a trapezoid, the long back. RPT As the results of observations, those security officials who use their training in general physical techniques (RPT), show results higher than those who ignore the PFD! Sufficiently reliable data, so in the offseason just need to plan a large amount of exercise. Of course, not at the expense of basic exercises. In power, the more horsepower cycles, the amount of PFD is greatly reduced.

Why do you need PFD and what it means for the composition fan power bench press? RPT prepares all the organs and body systems to work at a higher level and to develop important qualities: strength, speed, flexibility and endurance. In addition, the ligaments and tendons are trained slower than the growth occurs strength. Consequently, the PFD helps to avoid injuries, preparing the tendinous-ligamentous apparatus, and allows the future to expand into new results. I propose to address the experience of the TA and see what they have the means PFD. It's no secret that there are many different exercises for the legs: long jump, the height, the "goat", sprint and just run.

Almost all on their feet! Legs and back in TA is very important, if not nearly all. In the bench press laying down the role of performing hand. Hence, the main burden must lie on is them and it dictates the choice of OFP. This is a horizontal bar, parallel bars, climbing on a ladder at different angles, push-ups on the floor exercise with dumbbells and blocks squeezing a tennis ball and run …! There are many examples of amazing growth results in an exercise with a barbell, including bench press, with active jogging. It is running enhances cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which allows much faster recovery. However, we must admit, is still found among the category of people involved in a bar, which is afraid of running like the plague. Somehow they think that their weight will fall and the power is gone. But it is certainly not the case. Based on materials from the site and the book "Lying-2 PUSH!"