I wait its arrival with the heart beating in the compass of as of the clock! Suddenly I hear the racket of the attrition of the tire in the land, breaching the silence of the night! Eyes in the eyes, abraos and kisses, we kill the homesickness in fraction of seconds. The clock stops. Music touches. I slide the lips well slowly drawing with the heat and the sweat the imaginary line of its temperature. We hug fort per minutes and seconds. for hours without will to stop! Smile, tears, emotion and desire You are without action! We are in silence! The water alleviates the temperature of the bodies. We change to words between all the drops, perfumes and foam! I hug it in the water puts into motion the emotion before the pause of the long and delicious colloquy. You are hour to go you go and I am! Pure emotion! Pure motivation! Motivation for an entire life! It is different, sincere friendship, without description, but of intense relation! I am thinking for hours about the hours that had passed! I am happy! You also! We wait the next attrition to the tire with the land, the new meeting and the new to slide of the lips, the new I hug fort. Always without collection but with certainty of the desire and the tunning!