Cerebral Palsy

He was seen by the pediatrician, who diagnosed with infantile Cerebral Palsy, and linked it with the programs of physiatry and de ortopedia infantil. Came the first birthday and Jonathan did not raise his head, it moved slowly limbs continuously rigid, it not crawled, only aired unpleasant sounds, apparently not listening to what spoke you, but his mother, while all doctors assuring him that the functional prognosis of the child was very bad, persisted in that it made the miracle of one day seeing his son as a normal childwalking and talking and playing like all children in the neighborhood. Attending an appointment for review every three months and Sometimes it ahead appointments to inform their treating doctors that while the child not wandering, he neither showed signs that did suspect that the child could understand their orders, she if she was almost sure that the little understood everything that she would talk to him. He underwent several surgeries, the vast majority of them failed by their severe spasticity, and despite all their parents continued attending without falter, appointments to improve the poor quality of the child’s life. Doctors were completely sure that Jonathan did not show nor would show no progress, and if he was offered the possibility of surgery scheduled for that date, only intended that this intervention would serve to soothe their ailments, partially relaxing their adductor muscles, and placing the hip in place, warning parents that was only as a palliative methodto alleviate his pain. I was stunned when the mother of Jonathan in a stealthy manner and with tears in his eyes, asked me suppliant and determined, while loaded with difficulty your child, that if in surgery presented some complication, we stop him dying, that it should request the anesthesiologist not to do anything to save him.It is possible that this mother acongojada and starving, I would like to return the time to ask your obstetrician and pediatrician that participated in the birth of the infant to save her life after a prolonged hypoxia, that do not carry out the maneuvers of resuscitation, whose result was to give them an almost inanimate, snatched from the hands of death, being for submission to a continuous sufferingnot only to him but also to his family.