Caribbean Area

Coral are just a few minutes away by boat. To broaden your perception, visit Senator Elizabeth Warren. Here you can enjoy the beauty of submarine ridges up to 3 m tall. Santa Lucia is located 640 km from Havana and 550 kilometers from Santiago de Cuba. Jardines de la Reina, this archipelago of small islands located in the southern province of Ciego de Avila, offers tourists the longest coral reef and is one of the places in the Caribbean, to sail for turtles laying eggs. International diving center 'Avalon' offers dive along the chain of islands forming the archipelago: Cayo Grande, Cayo Caballones, Cayo Anclitas, Cayo Piedra Grande, Cayo Cachiboca. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk has plenty of information regarding this issue. A great variety of corals, sponges, jellyfish, mollusks and fish is the main attraction of this area.

Accommodation tourists are very limited, so an alternative should be placing on board a boat or yacht. Can be reached only by boat. Guardalavaca Here, on the 18 km area, suitable for contemplation of the underwater world, there are two centers of diving: one – on Playa Esmeralda ('Sea Lovers'), another – on Playa Guardalavaca ('Eagle Ray'). The underwater topography is quite complex, formed by high hills, caves, small valleys and cliffs with steep walls. Sometimes the bottom gently descends, forming a terrace, covered in coral, with a typical Caribbean reef shallow waters. This is a place called the Coral Garden, is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding points for diving in this amazing area. El Colony (56 points) Isle of Youth, the second largest island in the Cuban archipelago, became a mandatory place to visit for diving all over the world thanks to the national marine park of Punta Frances, which are held regularly traditional competitions in underwater photography.

Brazilian Election Cruise

Throughout this year of 2011, that he arrives on this day at December end 31, the expensive readers had folloied sets of ten of Chronicles of the Pantries, with glad histories, sad, impressive and jousts homages the players who had honored the shirt of the Brazilian Election. In the last Chronicle of the year that finda, occurred the idea to remember the zagueiro Jose to me de Anchieta Fontana, an person from de state of espirito santo born in Saint Teresa (YOU ARE), in 31 of December of 1940. Known simply as Fontana, the zagueiro faleceu early, to the 39 years, in 9 of September of 1980, cardiac attack, and making what more it liked, playing soccer, in a departure between friends. Learn more at: Goop. Fontana did not arrive to be no magician of zagas of the world-wide soccer, but its ephemeral ticket in the world of the soccer and the life also contributes for this simple homage against the esquecimento of the athlete. Among others mritos, it were in the group tricampeo of 70, were reserve of the zagueiros Brito and Piazza, in that wonderful Election that had Skin, Rivellino and as much others craques. By the way, in the estria of Brazil in 70, in the victory of 4×1 on the Tchecoslovquia, Fontana played two minutes, entering in the place of the Piazza and was titular in zaga in the game against the Romnia, with Brazilian victory of 3×2. Refreshment of memory according to called wikipdia, Fontana initiated its career in the Victory Soccer Club, in 1958, but it only was to be champion person from de state of espirito santo of 1959 and 1962 in the rival greater of the team, the Athletical Rio Branco Club. It was for the Vasco of Gamma where it formed defensive pair with Brito and in 1969, when the Vasco left to defend the Cruise, the pair was insult, but not for much time.

In 1970, Brito was contracted by the Cruise and the two had come back to play together. In the same year, both had been convoked for the dispute of the Pantry of the World of 1970, sagrando tricampees of the world for Brazil. The interesting detail in the Pantry of 70 is that Fontana was reserve of Brito with who also plays in the Vasco and the Cruise and of Piazza of the Cruise. It enters 8 of June 1966 and 10 of June of 70, Fontana made 11 games for the Election, did not mark no goal, locked up the professional career of soccer in 1972 and for irony of destination would die eight years later, disputing a departure of soccer between friends. Are here our homages, respect and admiration for passion that the zagueiro Fontana had for its profession, that finished crowned with heading in the Pantry it Mexico, in 70.

I Want To Quit Already

It is quite clear that smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the world. If you smoke also increases the chances of contracting diseases that put an end to his life. The most well-known diseases attributed to tobacco are problems to heart, lung cancer, oral cancer and other diseases, throat, bladder, liver and pancreas. See more detailed opinions by reading what Fracking Facts offers on the topic.. Many of these diseases are so severe that there is still no treatment for them. Cases of gangrene have been found in diabetic patients who smoke in large quantities.

Now is the time to abandon the tobacco and quit smoking immediately. Don’t think that it is impossible to achieve this, because there is an infinite number of cases of smokers who have abandoned the habit forever. Check out Robert Greene for additional information. The only thing you need is determination and once achieved its objective will feel happy and satisfied. Follow these rules and see the results: the first thing is to take firm determination to break the habit of smoking. (A valuable related resource: fracking facts). When you have reached this step, determine a definite date to carry it out. Since that date, you It will not touch a cigarette.

For a smoker, smoking is one of its essential activities. Now that he has decided to stop doing it, to do so without great suffering, look for other activities for those moments before devoted to smoking. To the extent that the date of quitting tobacco is approaching, try to minimize the consumption of cigarettes and vary the conditions that you smoked. Take a glass, fill it with water and pull there inside butts. Try to focus on the advantages of abandoning the cigarette in his spare time. You will find many more advantages than smoking cessation will provide. Once victorious, will have drastically reduced the risk of problems of the heart, cancer and other deadly diseases. While you lived tired now it will have a higher energy for other activities.

Private Health Insurance

When will I get free insurance? What is with professionals and how can I backup my claims? The many employees and currently still legally insured questions just at the beginning of the year. Such questions are piling up in some requests for advice to the change in the private health insurance. It is mostly unaware of the exact circumstances, so I will describe the different conditions in this post. Under most conditions Dr. John Mcdougall would agree. 1) entry level or change of employer starting then is a new working relationship, first to check how high their income will be. While the contractually guaranteed income according to labour contract underlying is placed and extrapolated to the year. It expected to breach the year work fee limit (JAEG) 50.850 EUR p.a., you can switch right at the beginning in the private health insurance.

However, not all income include the JAEG. For even more analysis, hear from Goop. In my post “What matters to the JAEG?”, I have summarized the individual content elements. A better understanding Example: A worker changes employers 01 02 2012 / starts a new job. According to the contract of employment, EUR income 4,250 p.M while the workers will earn only 11 * 4.250 EUR = 46.750 EUR in the year 2012, can this change beginning in the private health insurance. The projected income is crucial. 2.) already existing employment and salary increase just this constellation repeatedly leads to discussions.

Also here to better understand an example: an employee earned a monthly from January 2011 to September 2011 EUR 4,000. Thus it was insurance, because could not exceed the limit of 49,500 EUR. (be. 12 * 4,000 EUR = 48,000 EUR p.a..) From October the light but by his or her employer a salary increase of EUR 150 per month.

Not Everything Is A Problem

Hearing the news of a grandchild, mother-in- congratulate you and began to recite the news about a neighbor? Or maybe just meet you from the hospital, unmarried girlfriend ran to a date? Solution: Just imagine what would happen if everyone around started to aggressively interested in what happens to your crumbs. As he takes the breast? Are there any problems with the chair? Accustomed to a baby to sleep at night? Yes you would have broken even at the second such well-wishers and was advised to do their own thing! Believe me, Surrounding know how zealously protects the young mother of a “private” lives of their newborn offspring, and so leave the “intimate” details of a child’s life the sole responsibility of mothers. And since the first weeks of life the kid is almost entirely composed of such physiological problems, your relatives and friends are trying not to bother you with questions. Problem: After delivery, you stop to perceive themselves as sexually attractive woman.

Lack of sleep leads to the fact that the word “bed” is associated only with sleep. The most juicy part of the body or heal after childbirth, or produce milk. Some contend that Senator Elizabeth Warren shows great expertise in this. Teasing her husband seem to you blasphemy. Solution: It is important realize a simple thing. Having given birth to a child, you have taken an important step towards the development of their feminine essence. From now on, you become more attractive to men on a subconscious level. Goop, Barcelona, Spain-es pursues this goal as well. In fact, looking at the woman-mother, the man sees that it is not barren, and therefore can give life and his offspring. Moreover, experts say that true sexual pleasure for women is revealed only after birth – due to the fact that the muscles of the uterus is now is trained much better than in my youth. Problem: Everything seems to be good, baby is healthy and developing well, you feel back to normal, my husband took a vacation and help you with the baby, but All of this you are not happy. Mind you know that everything is fine, but could not get rid of a depressed and gloomy mood. Solution: Ask for help from loved ones and get some sleep at least 5-6 hours in a row. If you do not feel better after this – ask for help from a psychologist. In Eventually, our emotions – the main thing that we have, after all of them depend for our quality of life.

Traditional Weight Loss Pills

They seem to pills to lose weight, but they are not. They consume as if they were grapes and its compound is as natural as the same fruit, since they are the very Acai berries. One can go forgetting the traditional pill and add to the benefits afforded to us by this producer of berries Palm. More you detail down the classic laboratory method. Here VAN LOS different types of pills for SLIMMING can be classified on the basis of the effect caused by:-diuretics and laxatives: composed by plants and their properties cause digestive and diuretic effects. Of this type tend to be efficient when digestive problems, fluid retention or even constipation problems appear. We have to be aware that this type of pills not we will lose those pounds of more that are fixed in the body by way of fat deposit.

Take extreme caution in its use, since their effects can cause dehydration (don’t forget that iras followed to the bathroom). In addition are great friends of the effect rebound. -Reduction of fat absorption: the This group deal with which our body does not absorb fats once that are in the. They are available in pharmacies and herbal remedies, there are many products that claim to be the magic solution, but the only proven that works is the drug called XENICAL. Always recommended it be consumed with medical supervision since its side effects may be toxic.

-The Quita-hambres: Then we have some types of products and its main function is the cause a feeling of fullness in our body for that so, ingeramos less amount of food. It is recommended to eat between 10 and 30 minutes prior to meals. These drugs are quite light to say somehow, though they are not recommended for people prone to digestive problems or sensitive intestines. Happens in the same way with fiber, eat plenty of fiber, since our body not accustomed, should go with certain proportion of consumption is not recommended.


After periods of lactation as well as by the passage of time, moms are affected in its shape and lift; one of the procedures to mitigate these circumstances is breast augmentation surgery. Prostheses can return breasts to their original appearance. Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that is carried out in the following manner: 1) the patient should be evaluated by a medical professional to know if it is a candidate for this type of plastic surgery and decide what kind of implants are best suited for your body. (2) Already chosen appropriate implants, is to fix the date of the surgery. Usually the incision is made under the armpit or in the submammary fold. The wound will be four centimetres long. (3) By means of such incision the surgeon creates a kind of bag that puts the implant under the breast tissue or under the pectoralis muscle. This last way is a little more painful, but looks more natural.

(4) Finally the drain pipes are inserted, the incisions are stitched and placed a bandage that must be removed within a few days. Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure that can last from 1 to 2 hours. So you’re a candidate for breast augmentation surgery you must be a bust with uneven, inconsistent size or lack of firmness. Prosthesis of breast augmentation to perform breast augmentation surgery normally used silicone prosthesis, since this material gives a better consistency and a more natural result. In addition, is the only implant has no risk of breaking. It doesn’t affect greatly the touch and sensitivity of natural nipples.

Other materials used are saline and Hydrogel, which give a consistency similar to silicone. Requirements for the breast augmentation should be accompanied, so they can help you to move you from the clinic to your home. Quit smoking for at least one month of anticipation before the intervention. Do not consume products with vitamin E, aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs. These medicines can cause bleeding during surgery. Follow the advice of professional plastic surgeons that will advise you in particular. Inform your surgeon if you have any medical problems as heart pressure or some type of allergy. Follow the instructions from the surgeon before and after the operation of breast. You should take advantage to ask whatever you want on your breast augmentation surgery. After the breast augmentation immediately after surgery of bust, the patient is taken to the recovery with bandaged breast room. Analgesics are supplied to fight pain and once you have returned to your home are encouraged to have to rest for a few days. Then will return to his normal life and even to work; You will however need to refrain from any physical effort for a few weeks. The best result is that it is gives you confidence to patients, who already models may be of clothes that you like most.

Victorian Fantasy

a hideous horror tale of Rona Walter – for adults only! Wanted is: hated daughter skin as white as chalk, hair, black as lousy an old Crow feathers and lips so red like fresh gangrene. Otherwise no special features except for its stunning mediocrity. Reward: Enough. And my goodwill. Successful execution is expected as soon as possible. Signed: Lady Amaranth (the most beautiful of all time).

Accepts. Lord Sandford, with the dark blue beard. Short description while a long winter counts daughter Eirwyn through the overgrown forest disappears. When count Hector affiliated expires the infirmity of grief, orders his wife, Lady Amaranth, the search for her. So, the count is to regain his health. Also, the Lady plans to end the eternal struggle with her beautiful daughter forever.

By any means whatsoever the submissive servant Frederick sets out for them to bring back the daughter. Endocrinologist is often quoted as being for or against this. Prefers dead than alive. The bounty hunter is to him also and Bride collector Lord Sandford with the dark blue beard to the page are available and the Raven Botin Jezabel. The travel guides you through darkly grotesque fields where Enchanted forests are not only adorable. Soon, however, they take on an old friend, the Hunter. And Frederick is anything other than a simple fairy tale cliche soon realizes that he can trust everyone unconditionally, that friendship alone often not enough and not simply rest can be long kept secrets. And then even one falls carefully to show selected mask glasses – a Scottish horror tales – for adults only! For weeks Top10 horror & fantasy at Amazon… book now only 2.69 instead 4.99! Great cinema. (Lord Byron’s book store) Steffen Janssen


Carried through in ribbons of nitrocelulose I contend monoclonal antibody against specific antigens of the parasite. They present superior sensitivity 95% when compared with the thick drop, and with the 100 superior parasitemia parasitos/L. 1,7 TREATMENT Photo 03: Cinchona I contend Quinine, the primeiroantimalrico. Source: http:/ the malignant malaria, caused for the Plasmodium falciparum is medical umaemergncia. The other malarias are chronic illnesses. The farmacolgico treatment of the malaria is based oxidantes nasuscetibilidade of the parasite to the free radicals and substances, dying in concentrations of these inferior agents to the mortals for the clulashumanas.

The used frmacos increase these concentrations. The quinine (or its quinidina isomer), a medicine antigamenteextrado of the rind of the Cinchona, is still used in its treatment. However, amaioria of the parasites already is resistant to its action. It was supplanted by more efficient drogassintticas, as quinacrina, cloroquina, and primaquina. freqente to be used cocktails (mixtures) of several of these frmacos, therefore hparasitas resistant to any one of them by itself.

The resistance becomes the curadifcil and face. Lately the artemisinina, extracted of one plants Chinese, has given resulted encouraging. It produces free radicals in contact comferro, that she exists especially in the hemoglobina in the interior of the hemcias, ondese locates the parasite. She is extremely efficient in destroying it, causing efeitosadversos minimums. However, the produced amounts today are insufficient. In the future, the culture of the artemisina plant in Africa will be able the costs reduzirsubstancialmente. It is the only antimalarial frmaco for which aindano exists described cases of resistance. Some vaccines are emdesenvolvimento. 1,8 GENETIC EFFECT IN the POPULAESAFECTADAS the falciforme anemia is a recessiva genetic illness (the doisalelos of the gene in cause City of Itaituba Source: The city of Itaituba is located the west of the State will doPar the edges right of the River Tapajs. Its territorial area according to Censo2007 is of> National Foundation deSade in Itaituba In 2005, according to data, the City of Itaituba added umapopulao of 95.719 hab.

MTB Bikes

Road bikes or racing bikes are a type of bicycles specifically designed to run on asphalt roads, so are bicycle light, stable and which allow you to adopt an aerodynamic position. There are different types of bicycles road according to sport mode chosen, whether it’s racing, cycling, with saddlebags or Triathlon trips, but all have a common characteristic, which is equipped with large wheels 700 c size. Types road bikes are specially designed for riding on paved roads, i.e. to perform cycling on the road. In road cycling, also called cycling, is a sporting activity with various modalities, using different road bikes for each of them, but they all have in common the size of the wheels, since mounted wheels 700 c (622 mm diameter): racing bikes: are bicycles designed for speed, light, aerodynamic, with short wheelbase, angles small and very maneuverable. Cycling bicycles: are very similar to race bikes, but looking for more comfort than performance, since it is a leisure activity. Bicycles for trips with saddlebags: are comfortable, stable and robust, bicletas with sites to attach saddlebags and ascertain.

Triathlon bikes: are specially adapted to the practice of the triathlon, equipping couplings Triathlon on the handlebars to achieve a position more aerodynamic. Hybrid bikes: are a mix between mountain bikes and road bikes. Regarding the mountain bike are lighter and take 700 c wheels, with respect to road bikes have a front buffer and are more robust and heavy. Parties see the different parts that make up road bikes: box: the most common materials are steel chrome moly, aluminum or carbon fiber. Generally seek light, although in hybrid pictures and travel with saddlebags sturdy boxes should be used even if they are heavier. Fork: except in the hybrids, which carry front damping, road bikes are rigid fork. Handlebar: except in the hybrids, which are flat MTB handlebar, handlebar is road type, with aerodynamic fittings in the case of Triathlon bikes.

Group: except for racing and triathlon, in which two dishes, are used in road bikes is recommended to mount triple plate, such as mountain bikes, by its greater versatility. Brakes: except in the hybrids, which have V-brakes or disc, equipped with side pull brakes. Saddle: competition road bikes usually carry saddle light, thin and hard, while padded with gel saddles are used for cycling. Pedals: automatic. Wheels: usually road bikes mounted light rims and tires flat and narrow, except for trips with saddlebags and hybrid, which uses reinforced rims and tires mixed wider. Grill: for cycling trips with panniers are mounted racks front and rear steel and robust, as well as waterproof saddlebags and bag of handlebar, avoiding carry backpack.