Publication of scientific articles in several stages, initially to agree on the theme of a scientific article with the supervisor, explains the editor in chief of the scientific journal "Economy of Sociology and Law." The second step is to actually write the text of the article. And the scientific article should be a part of your dissertation in scientific terms, in plain language – to reflect the basic elements of the thesis. Preparation of a scientific publication, a lot of effort, every graduate student or doctoral student is faced with this problem in the preparation of the dissertation for defense. Nevertheless, it is scientific publications demonstrate the scientific community, the main points and relevant elements of your thesis. Currently, scientific publications are one of the main ways the professionals and the public current research in the field of economics, sociology and law. I would like to note that the publications should be placed in specialized scientific journals. For example, the journal "Economics, Sociology and Law" is a specialized central scientific publication. The magazine can be placed scientific publications on economics, sociology and law. By submitting your article in the magazine, you get a scientific publication in one of the leading journals in Russia.


To take its son to take a walk in the car can very be pleasant, however you cannot forget yourself always to place its son in cadeirinha of baby in accordance with the age and weight of the child. But child in the car is always dirt reason, after all they are always eating some thing and leaving the food to fall for all the sides. With this, cadeirinhas of baby costumam to be very dirty, on account of these remaining portions of food that the child leaves to fall even though on it or, depending on the age of its son, the dirty hands of food or the street who pass on cadeirinha. This can cause to the appearance and accumulation of fungos and bacteria that its son can lean and lead until the mouth and finish there passing badly. clearly that we on account do not want our sick son of an incautiousness, so that its son not pass badly, is necessary you to give attention in some things: The hygienic cleaning of cadeirinha in day leaves; It cleans it at least of six in six months; It washes cadeirinha with water and are neutral, can the same be used soap stops to wash the clothes of its baby, those of glycerin; It does not use products as alvejantes, disinfecting or any another product that can be toxic for its son. We recommend that the cleanness is made to each six months because to transfer much time the dirt can be impregnated in the fabric and not to leave more, making you to appeal to the use of stronger and toxic products, what it can not be a good option.


What it more strengthens each time the importance of a psychologist acting inside of the pertaining to school environment, to guide and to assist all involved in this process, being developed research in the scope of the education and making group or individual psicopedaggicas interventions. Observing the possible factors that can be harming the learning of the pupil, considering the family, the proper pupil, the school and all the inserted personages in the context, guiding them how much to the best way to deal with the problems and, when necessary, to carry through encaminhamentos to other professionals. In such a way, the place of Pertaining to school Psychology will go to be to transit in the process of transformation and personal, social and educational formation of the citizen, being thus made possible the contact with real its self, its awareness and responsibility ahead of its possibilities and accomplishments. This taking of conscience will be able to favor balance the congruence of this, that in turn will go to influence in the diverse areas of its life, mainly in its pertaining to school life, becoming a more authentic being, responsible and creative. Thus, the psychologist also will be a mediator of this facilitadora relation next to the professor, assisting the same and all the involved ones.

Consideraes final the education centered in the pupil understands the person as a being that is in – world-with-the-other, in historical and culturally situated way. It is a revolutionary form to see the Education that enters in conflict with the common way to proceed from the current schools, which dirigem its efforts in the direction to arm the pupil with necessary knowledge and abilities to the performance of one determined profession. Considering the current context of a globalizado and technological world, one becomes necessary to reflect on a school that can take care of to the yearnings and necessities of its educandos, which request of the pertaining to school environment much more that a space of transmission knowing of them curricular and yes of a space formador of the citizenship, a time that the period of escolarizao also is a moment of formation of the citizen, being the professor an example that always will influence the behavior of the pupils to if relating with the same ones.

Alexander Herrmann

Even with complex adjustments to the chip you considerably cheaper get away as a new supply + installation and adjustment at the friendly dealers. If you’re lucky, a speedometer can be also repaired what almost never offered a contract workshop. There are cold solder joints, failed LEDs, stepper motors, for all appropriate repair facilities and spare parts. In the adjustment, then reinstated the original km value and ensures the cooperation of the speedometer with the rest of the vehicle’s electronic system. Mistake number 3 – “mileage is always detectable and trouble at the sale of the car” If there is a tachometer by the recyclers, good speedometer adjuster can adjust these very often exactly to the value from other stores of the vehicle. Usually, the setting on the exact mileage is not even needed, since in modern vehicles, all electronic components communicate with each other.

A replaced component E.g. with 0 is programmed then miles, thereby automatically corrects its value from the memory of the other modules. The dealer can determine though about the serial number of the component in the vehicle history report the Exchange, but no way to doubt the mileage, if everything has been correctly programmed. You can offer so later your car all alone, without having to fear any claims of the buyer. Conclusion: Often people do not know that you can save money with parts from the junkyard just because incorrect information may hold for the purchase of new parts. For the lower mileage correction must not go also abroad, because it is perfectly legal for repair purposes in Germany. If you have problems with the car electronics, so ask a recycler and a professional speedometer adjuster rather once, whether they can resolve your damage not cheaper than the garage of your car dealer. 2010, Alexander Herrmann

Medicaid Services

With the growing demand for Bariatric gastric bypass or gastric banding surgeries, some insurance companies are extending its coverage to patients who want to perform one of these surgeries. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMA) have been proposed to make some changes in Medicare to make them effective early this year. Coverage will be extended to the gastric band surgeries, since the gastric bypass was already covered above. Patients over 65 years old will be candidates if they meet the required conditions coverage be expanded when surgeries are carried out in centres of excellence, which are equipped with everything you need to perform these surgeries. Some experts believe that restricting the service only to centres of excellence can delay surgeries for patients.

This is due to that the centres of excellence can not accommodate all patients, and there has to be a waiting period before the surgery. In addition to Medicare, There are several financing options for some surgeries Bariatric, especially for the gastric bypass and gastric banding, even some insurance companies come to cover the cost of this type of procedure when it is found that surgery is due to reasons of health and not simply cosmetic. Questions to your physician or get close to us, you are not alone and there are many options to improve your health and achieve the aesthetic results of being at your ideal weight.