The Population Of The Earth

In winter 2006 the world population exceeded 6, 5 billion people, while less than 20 years ago July 11, 1987 the figure stood at 5 billion the entire second half of XX century was accompanied by rapid population growth, the so-called "Population explosion". According to most scientists, the earth is overpopulated, and a further increase in population will lead to a global ecological catastrophe. Some experts believe that the increase in the number short-term nature of the population, and in 2010 will go down. It is known that for millennia the world population was small and grew slowly. The most likely his numbers at the beginning of our era – 230 million, of which 2 / 8 were living in Asia. Over the next thousand years it has grown to 288 million extremely inhibited growth of high mortality and often interrupted by wars, pestilence, famine, leading to an equilibrium between births and mortality.

The growth rate of world population dramatically accelerated since the mid XVIII century, especially in Europe, which was due to the development of capitalism. Ry rapid population growth in America and Australia was caused by the influx of immigration, mainly from Europe. The rapid acceleration of growth in population occurred in the middle of the XX century. If in the first half of it is increased to 1, 5 times, then over the next 37 years – has doubled. After World War II everywhere mortality has fallen sharply, which was mainly due to the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics. Fertility declined relatively slowly, and in some places, temporarily increased. This led to "Population explosion".

But it is characteristic only for developing countries to developed countries, however, population growth has declined, and in some – has stopped. The share of developed countries in the world's population rapidly decreasing etsya from 33% in 1950 to 23% in 1990 recent years, population growth rates are highest in Africa (about 3% per year) and Latin America (more than 2%). In some European countries (Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Sweden) is a natural decline in population. Today, more than half humanity lives in Asia. The most populous countries in the world – China and India. This is followed by the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. Russian Federation within its borders in 2009 achieved in terms of population (142 million) in ninth place in the world.

Balearic Islands

The number of hours that will be devoted to each of these students will be weekly 9. In the event that there is no demand for this intervention is set an alternate schedule for this faculty, which will occupy your time developing adaptations curricular, material or other tasks related previously responsible for the home care program shall designate. Home care ends, as in all other cases, with the drafting of a final report, in which are collected all the aspects worked with the child. Balearic Islands: In the community of the Balearic Islands has a great acceptance the program: service care educational home (SAED), whose purpose is the attention of students who cannot attend class for a long period of time by reason of a disease or convalescence. For the academic year 2004 / 2005 has been fitted with this program of 27,000 EUR (only in Mallorca).

On the other hand the Coordinator of disabled is responsible for providing professionals who are at the homes of these students to give them class, in coordination with the tutors, adapting them the curriculum, so that students do not lose the course. Canary Islands: Canary Islands Community Government has legislated in this sense participate, through specific programmes, in coordinated actions for the educational and therapeutic care for those students whose disease is very difficult for their schooling in an ordinary school and require a hospital stay or home care (Art. 20.3. Law education in the Canary Islands). This care became effective, at least from 2004. Cantabria: The instructions given by the Cantabrian education counseling aimed at resolving situations of schooling of pupils with health problems, for the academic year 2004 / 2005, with date of Santander, 10 August 2004, collects as a distinctive notes the following issues: 1. hospital care: a hospital classroom, located at the University Hospital are in service Marques de Valdecilla.


the two first-time God Mio!, after a while came Emiliano and found me with gloves examining the patient and asked me nothing? nothing my friend! – told – me accompanied awhile then was because they already closed the dining room University-cursabamos the last year of the career-, passed 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours and nothing, the patient fell asleep I wanted to do the same, the obstetrician shone by their absence, and now what?-I was wondering, according to my calculations just had 6 dilatation at the moment obviously I was wrong! And so we continue watching us faces, I heard the heartbeat and they were fine, I changed my gloves three times I took a litre of water and newly as at 7 in the evening, following its natural evolution childbirth, loomed the head I dilate perineum, infiltrate Xylocaina, di water and did it bid and do not know how the baby came out!, previous large episiotomy received amid screams and tell it to the inner of Pediatrics, at 9 in the evening I finished episiorrafia at 11 o’clock I sent to a friend see it first to see if the woman was alive and second to see if the suture was well donemy friend was and told me to return is alive and the patient is calm! thank God Mio! promised it would never be midwife never?

A Birth At The Clinic

Had a patient that was several hours into labor, it evaluated it constantly, were the early years of the Decade of the 90s, he ruled Fujimori, I did touch at the start of the day, spines were born, promontory was not palpable, IE pelvis was good, it was a ginecoide pelvis, so I decided to give opportunity for a normal delivery, but in the course of the time complained of severe pain, contractions went away at one point, hidrate, then I estimule it, it came up to 8 cm of dilation, going well but pain overwhelmed her, complained and shouted of things already can not stand more!. operate me damn! I’m dying! And other procacidades, I spoke with the family and told him that the case could not be so, it is dilating well, but has the preparation nor the courage to endure childbirth, Caesarean section so or they take her to the Hospital, Caesarean section doctor said immediately wrote it, they brought her to the clinic and went to the operating room, he became the Dr. Wilma gave him anesthesia, and when he was already lying it, surgeons were already washed ready to operate, the patient suddenly begins to shout myself the two I do!, when I opened your legs appreciated the head of the fetus protruded by the Introit, Hello! – I told him – right now because you the of das closeness! hurries doctor! – he told me – Me threw head! – I threatened – quickly put in position of childbirthwide episiotomy and Wham! Baby outside with Kristeler by the same pediatrician, manoeuvre suture the wound, to his bed, the next day high, the happy family, full of shame the doctor patient charged half price.

Santa Monica Ten

A new report issued recently by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics warns the health hazards that could cause facial paintings used especially by children and youth in celebrations such as Halloween. After evaluating ten products facial paintings of the types widely available via Internet, in crafts or Halloween stores, the researchers found the following: ten facial paintings products contained lead, and 6 of 10 had known allergens from the skin, such as nickel, cobalt or chromium at levels above the recommendations of industrial studies, warned Stacy Malkanco-founder of the campaign, co-author of the report and author of the book Not Just a Pretty Face, published in 2007, in which speaks of the potentially dangerous ingredients in cosmetics. Malkan said in the new report that, unfortunately, we find lead in all of them and according to experts agree, exposure to lead can cause behavioral problems and development. Research He found that there were also problems with labelling, since some products claimed to be hypo-allergenic but were not, while a product announced in the package as hypoallergenic and non-toxic, and it had some of the highest levels of nickel, cobalt and lead, Malkan said. Found lead ranged from 0.054 to 0.65 parts per million.

Four of the ten products had nickel which ranged between 2.1 and 5.9 parts per million; two of ten had cobalt, with levels of between 4.8 and 5.5 parts per million. Five of ten had chrome, which ranged from 1.6 to 120 parts per million. According to the report, levels of each not exceeded the equivalent of one part per million for consumer products. Recommendations of experts Dr. Dennis Woo, former Chief of Pediatrics of the Santa Monica Medical Center – UCLA and the Hospital of Orthopaedics in Santa Monica, California, who reviewed the report, said that using face painting only once a year probably not It will greatly affect the health, however he said that he was surprised the amount of heavy metals that were found in the facial paintings and which should be more analyze these things, because there is no reason for these metals are in cosmetics. In contrast Dr.

Wally Ghurabi, Chief of emergency services the Santa Monica Medical Center – UCLA and Orthopaedic Hospital, believes that even the use of these facial paintings once a year might not be worthwhile. Concerned parents should dispense with these paintings, he said. If that these paintings are applied do not carefully, he noted, and put the paint very near the eyes or nose, this could cause them a potential harm. On the other hand the FDA recommends the following who despite warnings choose to use this type of paintings 1) follow the directions carefully, including instructions to not use products around the eyes. (2) If the face paint smells bad, don’t use it since it could be contaminated. (3) Make a test face painting a few days before use to ensure that they will not be allergic reaction to it. Visit to continue reporting you!