the two first-time God Mio!, after a while came Emiliano and found me with gloves examining the patient and asked me nothing? nothing my friend! – told – me accompanied awhile then was because they already closed the dining room University-cursabamos the last year of the career-, passed 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours and nothing, the patient fell asleep I wanted to do the same, the obstetrician shone by their absence, and now what?-I was wondering, according to my calculations just had 6 dilatation at the moment obviously I was wrong! And so we continue watching us faces, I heard the heartbeat and they were fine, I changed my gloves three times I took a litre of water and newly as at 7 in the evening, following its natural evolution childbirth, loomed the head I dilate perineum, infiltrate Xylocaina, di water and did it bid and do not know how the baby came out!, previous large episiotomy received amid screams and tell it to the inner of Pediatrics, at 9 in the evening I finished episiorrafia at 11 o’clock I sent to a friend see it first to see if the woman was alive and second to see if the suture was well donemy friend was and told me to return is alive and the patient is calm! thank God Mio! promised it would never be midwife never?