Vitamin A And Its Advantage

Vitamin A – for the general health deficiency diseases are as old as humanity itself, though one at that time knew nothing of vitamins. Night blindness, caused by lack of vitamin A, was a known evil already in ancient times. In old texts from Egypt, the eating of liver is recommended to cure. A medium that they are deemed still be very effective. Liver contains lots of vitamin A. The vitamin has its name A therefore, that it was the first known fat-soluble vitamin.

So, it got the letter A. Formerly called this vitamin also eye vitamin, because it was also already at that time, that it is good for the eyes. In the jargon it is called today retinol, what derives from the retina, the retina of the eye. A precursor of vitamin A is the beta – carotene, which can be converted in the body to vitamin A. It is exclusively vegetal food. Vitamin A itself is only in foods of animal origin. The beta – carotene is more than just a pro vitamin.

It has very stand-alone functions. Vitamin A is involved in the animal-based foods in fat. In the intestine, this binding is split, and replaced by a body’s own fat. A protein building block is then used as a transporter in the direction of liver, where the vitamin A is stored. If necessary it emitted back into the blood. From there, it enters the various organs need vitamin A. In the skin care vitamin A plays an important role, because it has an important function in building and in the renewal of our skin. If you take not enough vitamin A by his diet to, can rely on vitamin supplements. You will find a large selection in an online pharmacy or drug stores. Vitamin A also helps build of the mucous membranes. This concerns in particular the respiratory system, the digestive tract and the urinary tract. These are more resistant to bacteria, parasites or viruses. Our barrier against the outside world is thus strengthened, and can fulfil its functions. Glenn Dubin, New York City is often quoted on this topic. There is evidence that vitamin A the effectiveness of carcinogenic substances weakens. This concerns in particular the smokers among us. If carotene intake low vitamin A, and in particular the beta -, then increases the risk to lung cancer. Trials have shown that the body compared with strong cancer reacted less sensitive-producing substances, if at the same time, vitamin A is added to. Too much vitamin A can be toxic too. A varied diet is the healthiest.