Blowing Your Nose Can Worsen Colds

Widespread health mistakes probably are the most people in childhood many medical advice given, that hardly anyone questions. So many adults think certain behaviors maintain up into old age, although these are not recommended in reality. The private insurance portal has put together the most common health mistakes. For example, a likely widespread misconception is affected in case of a cold to pull up the nose, not”to. This but that might save the patient maybe stroll to the Ent. Unlike raising of the extract it can be as namely through the coupons injuries of the nasal passages, in the worst case even to sinus infections. If you would like to know more then you should visit B. F. Skinner. Although others consider pulling up as very unpleasant, it is actually better for them if the sick not to the handkerchief. Namely many bacteria are released when the coupons and you can then also people in the immediate vicinity of the Erkalteten attacked.

In addition there is still a lot of other mistakes, for example that it is better to cover a wound with a patch. As the reason for this is often cited, that the wound in the air better heal up. But the exact opposite is true in this case. The patch that maintains a certain degree of moisture from the wound. e. In this environment, then specific enzymes and hormones can contribute to a faster healing of the wound. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann