Most often in these cases, the pressure is kept in the area of the upper limit of normal, but blood flow in optic nerve rapidly degraded, and hence, its function being violated ( Dynamics of the stages of glaucoma from primary to dalekozashedshey Treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma begins with the application of eye drops to lower IOP. At present, developed and submitted to the pharmacy chain a great selection of drops used in glaucoma. Among them are the main groups, those that reduce the production of intraocular fluid and those who improve the outflow of intraocular fluid. Sometimes necessary to combine drugs together. The second step possible to carry out laser surgery, if it fails to reduce IOP by medication.

Unfortunately, not every glaucoma laser treatment to be, this is defined in the survey ophthalmologist. The next step in the treatment of glaucoma – the holding of surgery is sometimes required reoperation. Fully cured this disease is virtually impossible – it is chronic. But at the time begun correct and consistent treatment of glaucoma, you can pause and maintain good eyesight. 'Tubular' vision as a result of partial atrophy of the optic nerve Treat with confidence to surgical methods, surgery may be your salvation in situations where other means have been exhausted.

Surgical procedures for glaucoma now well designed, carried out quickly and painlessly. Do not put off surgery – in treating glaucoma expensive time! During this disease depends largely on your lifestyle. Avoid physical and nervous overload. Limiting the severity of which is acceptable to raise, – 10 kg. Overload for you may become even weeding flower beds, if you're in the slope. Whatever you do – read, draw, knit, do not sit with bowed head and poor lighting conditions. Eat rationally according to their age, prefer vegetable dishes, fish, raw vegetables and fruits, limit animal fats and sugar. (For more information about the health of you and your eyes you will know the address:) If you a smoker – quit smoking immediately! Nicotine is bad for your eyes. For you is very important good night's sleep. If you have to leave home for a long time, do not forget to take the necessary eye drops. Based on materials from the site