Easy Preparation

Of the 9 to the 12 months of life, its drinks already can be delighted with foods until then, not indicated before this period. The feeding starts to be varied, almost as the feeding of the adults, exactly thus, still has types of foods that must be prevented. After the 9 months, you already can mix some foods, in way that can facilitate its work in the kitchen and at the same time to guarantee a nutritional feeding healthful for its baby. With all the certainty, a correct feeding in this period anger to guarantee a growth with maximum health. In this period, it is important to point out that the baby can oppose to ingest some foods, either patient, he looks for to always serve the meals in the same hourly, also is certifyd to keep a calm environment and tranquilo, barulhentos places leave the estressados babies and the same ones tend to be impatient in the hour in would have to remain seated for the meal. We go to share here, 3 delicious prescriptions and of easy preparation for this new stage of the life of its son, and valley the penalty to stand out that you always must consult one pediatra before introducing new ingredients in the feeding of its drinks.

Cream of abobrinha with potato and pasta of letrinhas While you cook the pasta with an oil spoon and a small one, but well small pitadinha of salt, peels and has pricked a potato one together with abobrinha, places in a pan and covers of water.It boils stocking hour until being soft.After stew, it adds vegetable broth tablet and two soup spoons of milk cream, it mixes the ingredients together with 4 or 5 baking water soup spoons.A ready time the cream, adds it the pasta and serves. Chicken to the Gravy of tomatoe Attention: Chicken does not use unwoven, the babies as all know do not have a correct coordination of the jaw and have difficulty in ingesting certain foods, if the chicken will be unwoven in filetes bigger, the child can easily choke itself, then in it doubts, has beaten the chicken in the liquidificador. Fervente places a tomatoe in water of leaves approximately per two minutes.It removes it and it peels it, placing it under cold water.It breaks the tomatoe to the way, it removes the seeds, and finally puncture.In a preheated pan, doure 150grs of chest of chicken in an oil spoon. It adds to the onion picadinha to the chicken well and after to dourar for some as, American water cup, leaves to cook per two minutes and pours the tomatoe.It adds a vegetable broth soup spoon, this leaves the much more flavorful prescription.It leaves to cook per 10 minutes in average fire. It serves this chicken to the gravy with a wonderful and nutritional orange juice. Cream of eggs to milk To prepare a caramel with 125 grams of sugar.It reserves.Clear dressing gown 3 eggs with and egg yolk until being homogeneous together with 125 grams of sugar, a spoon of tea of vanilla essence and one liter of milk.It pours preparation in one forms of its choice with the caramel added previously in the interior of the container.It cooks in bath-Maria until it mixes if it frees in the form.