Dog Food By Natura Vet – The Best Alternative To The

The health and welfare of dogs blatantly promote natural, cold-pressed dog food without inferior ingredients. The animal feed industry has been growing for years and animal feed chains to expand rapidly. This is no wonder: according to the industry association pets (IVH) 5.4 million live in German households about and in Austria is, after all, […]

Color Games – Iceland Horses By Nana Degenhardt

Worldwide, there are more than 40 colours in the horse. Iceland horses – Iceland horses very beautiful, unusual coat colors, quite different in comparison to the Hanoverian Reitpferd.Farbenspiele must have there be a noble black, or a fiery red fox? The cool blonde, a Fox with lighter mane or the Windfarbene in Camo. Gorgeous coat […]

Like Dogs, Humans Domesticated

The idea that the dog have domesticated the people along the common way through time, seems absurd. Or maybe not? Dogs are human best friend, they say. We have domesticated them and made the pet. The notion seems absurd, the dog have domesticated the people along the way by the time common. Colin Groves, senior […]