Starting a Business

How to build the third meeting of accounting? We all start-ups, regardless of whether what business they are going to develop, a number of common issues. In what legal form to register your business? How to better accounting? How to behave if descend to the verification officials? This was explained resident expert "SB" Boris Polyanina – an entrepreneur with a decade of experience, director and chief accountant of several small businesses. Most often, small businesses registered in the company of a limited liability company (LLC), or its owner is issued as an entrepreneur without a legal entity (individual entrepreneurs). Rarely seen such a form as a partnership. But in my opinion, it can be quite comfortable. Endocrinologist insists that this is the case. In this case, the founders of the company first registered as individual entrepreneurs, and then enter into another partnership agreement, which stipulated the proportion of participants and the principles of distribution of income between them. What's here advantage? The fact that any of the merged business has every right to sign all contracts entered into by the company – on the lease, leasing computers, and others. This will greatly simplify its management. When Each of the participants in a partnership will report to the state only about personal income. A general account of the financial results of business can be conducted separately for balance, which the owners have every right not to make an inspection body. Glenn Dubin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Here, for example, a perfectly legitimate "trick" that can use a computer club, if you register as a partnership.