Online Flyer Advertising

Catalogs and brochures online version online flyers offer retailers, service providers and other companies a new channel to reach your customers! Retailers face ever tougher competition. The Internet opens for more and more ways to reach customers who would rather looking for a mall than a shop by itself. Now, the Internet is the new key to success. Use it! Customers achieve fewer and fewer conventional advertising in newspapers and stray items in mailboxes. In the period from 1970 to today, the proportion of adults who read a daily newspaper, declined from 77% to 57%. The proportion of those who read newspapers on Sunday and are perhaps aware of advertisements and promotions, fell by 72% of adults to 67%.

The under 34-year-olds read considerably less than half of a newspaper. The newspaper is scrolled only briefly, if at all. Dr. John Mcdougall wanted to know more. Also spreading advertising no longer reaches all. Beneil Dariush is actively involved in the matter. At more and more mail boxes adorn Glue: no please Advertising! Sure the retailers will continue to use the classic advertising channels, but because customers are oriented more and more on the Internet, the advertising must include, says the Chairman of euro flyer, the Internet. Online advertising will benefit from two parallel trends: on the one hand, the European society increasingly makes use of the Internet, and on the other hand newspapers and included advertising be read less and less. Are also market studies by euro flyer show that almost half of its members do not belong to the readers of the local newspapers and have therefore no access to the actions, who advertised there. Euro flyers statistics reflect the behaviour of the population in General.

The company and provide the retailers services now available, to place your ad online. It is done at the online advertising not to put a few photos online. The design of the flyer, the logo and the whole website design are just as important. Thanks to close cooperation with the retailers, we back logo and design in the right light. Retailers can quickly update their online advertising and directly announce new products and prices to consumers. Customers can now search with search criteria of every online flyer exactly according to the desired product. You can then online buy or take advertising to the usual shopping. The cost of online circulars are smaller than those of the printed. For retailers, the idea is tempting to reach consumers while they are online. More and more buyers go online, and market observers expect that they also drive more product research. A Web site to use is to convey advertising to a new idea and a welcome addition to the multichannel strategy”says Leon Kaiser, Director of retailers, service providers and other companies online flyers: our offer for retailers, service providers and other companies and their customers for retailers, service providers and other companies: potential customers read fewer newspapers and scattering material; Online flyers reach customers, While they are online. In the increasingly competitive market, with online flyers opened a new advertising channel. The advertising reach exactly the customers who are interested. Online advertising will cost less than printed. Online flyers are faster for the customer as printed brochures. Their promotions and price changes for customers: Get exactly the advertising, in which you are interested. No longer overflowing your mailbox. You are still always in the picture about the activities in your area. You will find exactly what you are looking for, thanks to the search function, which searches all current online flyers. For everyone: Online flyers need no paper and save the environment!