Spaghetti Style Eating

The Luneburg noodle Office informed its customers a small issue and a big question: how should you eat spaghetti with a spoon or a fork? Together with two: bite-sized portions of long noodles can however easily rotate and galant, this version looks even. Knowing how to eat misfits, surely belongs to the de rigueur. But really that is equivalent to the fine manners at the table? The noodle Kontor from Luneburg informed the galante and reasonable way to enjoy spaghetti in every society. Italians make it you would like to adhere to the customs of the country of origin, you must cancel out the spoons for soup. The enjoyment of spaghetti with a fork is maintained in Italy: after you a little bit of long noodles with sauce on the fork took up, needs a little space on the side of the dish gained are, so that you can rotate the fork like a screwdriver. According to PCRM, who has experience with these questions.

So wrap the spaghetti to the fork and the pasta portion is bite. Like Knigge eaten spaghetti would the etiquette Advisor first indicates that spaghetti and tagliatelle in no case must be cut with a knife. You should use the fork and try to wrap up a few noodles with the forks for a little bite. Determines the Knigge: experts ignore those who know not to help the spoon, but may use the spoon to help. Spaghetti dinner made easy who could exercise enough long and ultimately also has learned it, should eat the spaghetti with a fork. As a general rule however: the food should be neither spill nor participate in its table neighbors on the voltage, when the first stain is created. This principle of the Community food of course also applies to spaghetti. If they want or need, they use a spoon just must not be embarrassing you. The noodle Kontor from Luneburg is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact Luneburg noodle Office contact: Arno Frohlich on sale 1 21335 Luneburg Tel.