German Gastronomy

Findings from a round of talks the gastro-award Germany AG with restaurateurs and hoteliers who decides today to lead an dining establishment or a hotel, should consider in advance not only in the position of the passionate host. People such as Bobby Green would likely agree. So the knowledge of those who are active in this field for years. Two hoteliers, a pub owner and two restaurant chefs just recently met in a round with the gastro-award Germany AG. And what passed to as the beginning of a joke sounds, sounds anything but really funny. Beforehand nevertheless: master Cheers to those who can hold up their passion as host always daily and doing their job the best. The circumstances in the catering market have become namely hard.

Energy costs and high inflation. Purchasing power, frequency and expected earnings decline to low. This political decision fronts such as the non smoking Protection Act or the lengthy discussion to reduce the value added tax from 19% to 7%. And here you are always smiling. But who to present there fun and passion for the guest. Even with regard to 2009, economists predict not the best prospects.

The purchasing power to go back in again. Who here wants to participate as a restaurateur must haggle likely back on its prices to stay attractive for his guest. So even cheaper. However, prices include not only the request as far as possible to cover the increased costs. Instead of usually 14 hours and more employees as price responsible host remember”(especially the smaller companies and their owners) can accommodate as he even a profit in its pricing. For example, to once again take his family on holiday. The latter is, if you listen to for quite some time in barely there. Don’t plan a vacation. And the large chains of the industry, which are the responsibility, to secure jobs and high quality standards, they also have the extraordinary cost issue in mind. Welcome to the Expect hotels & restaurants 2008/2009 understanding and support actually now by the policy. But officials seem to be often away from reason and practical understanding. You better calculate their advantage. “Such as what a value added tax relief tax losses may occur: Peer Steinbruck is expecting and communicates despite EU recommendation required 7% its dramatic failure” from rd. 3.6 billion euros of tax money. However less taken into account, what positive effect would such relief on the beneficiary prices, sales, as well as opportunities to jobs. Elsewhere a Mr Beckstein of Bavaria calculated, quite banal, with a potential of electoral votes: the non-smoking. With approximately 78% could be created is but including friends with an absolute smoking ban. Obviously not. At least as regards the election result. Because even smokers have friends who wear it with equal sentiment and reason (approx. 50%), if there’s a freedom of choice in the restaurant under the non-smokers. According to the The countries are Federal Court judgment late August 2008 (=> extremely farsighted). And hope is spreading. Restaurateurs who had to suffer so far up to 60% turnover, are the squabbling smoking/non-smoking”tired. Most countries have noticed it and signal a solution with freedom of choice and even more relief. So even he announced new designated Prime Minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, a relaxation for Bavaria. There is obviously still a healthy mind. As the tenor of our round, showed yet philosophical farewell and her glass on the categorical imperative”(Immanuel Kant) rose: may the General reason prevail, including the understanding that a schnitzel with French fries can cost 5 euros today and tomorrow.