Night lights are nowadays almost in every children’s and baby room. You give a feeling of safety and security, even if MOM and dad not to the room. For many parents a huge help and relief. Many night lights are suitable – not simply for nursery and children’s hands but too bright or not bright enough, although it should be actually granted. Night lights are in many sizes, shapes and colors.

It is a sheer inexhaustible diversity. We also have night lights in the range in our online shop,. Of course we have ensured that they are ideally suited for nursery and small children. Our night lights by L ‘ oiseau Bateau are stable glass fibre, which means there are no shards if a little ‘accident’ happened. The night lights are not hot, just warm. In other words, they can safely be placed next to the bed.

You give a very smooth and pleasant light that the room is neither too bright nor too dark lit. We have the most beautiful models in stock! epages/..Lampen Ntontis C. nightlights, lamps for the nursery, children’s lighting on you find beautiful lamps for the nursery of L ‘ oiseau Bateau suited ideally as a Nightlight,. You give a very pleasant and gentle light. Each individual lamp is so beautiful that the choice between them is really hard.