Fast Time

He blew a cold with heavy rain gusting wind. We unravel the coats and got us. We cover the face with hood to protect us from the rain while we echabamos walk trying to avoid the puddles that began to fill the road. He believed that the weather man had said that it does not lloveria this evening highlighted the woman trying to not release your hand from the girl, rushing to abandon a sudden lone Park to return to his home. Little by little, it became current that your looks are found and returned with a smile the meaning that were well, only once resided the difference that was resolved when women were relegated to better buckle away from the girl. It was then that approached the moment of childbirth in the city but, although it was decided to witness, not produced the abandonment of a dark and sad Street, so the girl warned him showing a face of disappointment. The rain continued and could not cushion the fall of a feeling of intrigue and fear. A shadow was installed in the White Candle placed on the table and his right side wall remained firm in question not to reveal his identity as easily.

The breaking of silence succeeded the uncertainty, calming the situation: I left shelters near the radiator so that you are drying. Now, take this bowl of warm milk women told him the girl while this, sitting, approached toward the table in order to reach the bowl. His pale face began to recover when the color because it might feel accompanied by her grandmother in this strange afternoon in which as soon entered the light as I was in the House. Grandma, you knew the grandfather in Egypt? asked. The grandmother is River briefly before answering and I did not understand the reason. Then, I explained: I met your grandfather here, in Berlin, when he returned from Egypt to become University Professor.