IT Modernization – Automatically, Low Risk And Cost-effective

EasiRun Europe presents itself with a new Internet presence and current mission of Usingen, February 18, 2009 – EasiRun Europe continues to source codes and data from the old systems automatically on modern technologies in time well-defined modernization projects at a fixed price and stands as the best program logic on a modern stand. To get EasiRun together with its partners has the means and the knowledge to pick the IT treasures”and also the knowledge of the early years” generations. To develop all that to want to reinvent the wheel. This means a vast and difficult numerical expenses for companies, which is no longer acceptable in the present difficult time. EasiRun solves the time – and cost issues of new programming and modernized the complete system. Learn more at this site: stone clinical laboratories. Technologies of EasiRun and its partners such as the IT modernization – even the largest applications to the date be transformed completely automatically, often in just a few hours. It has been in thousands of programs and files impressively demonstrated. Re-engineering and restructuring of application systems, transformation from one language to other languages, migration of mainframe applications, porting of data systems and implementation of online systems have a clear goal: the preservation of existing data and functions has manageable the investments and causes time saving for future-oriented developments. EasiRun Europe GmbH Usingen