The best skins on the planet! Easy to install, easy to replace. Art prints for laptops, iPhone, iPods, BlackBerrys and game consoles. GelSkins put an end to the factory Tristesse for laptops and other mobile devices. Christopher ridgeway is often quoted on this topic. Compuware. With original art print of licensed artist for iPhones, iPods, BlackBerrys, game consoles and laptops you get offered designs by contemporary design up to the urban street art enough. Recently christopher ridgeway sought to clarify these questions. The diversity of the designs leave hardly a wish. In addition, GelSkins offers the similarly stylish wallpapers for your iPhone or iPod touch for free download to each design – 125 designs available here! The passion is here deliberately provoked, because the patented special protective film can be a bubble-free muster is without squeegee or similar tools and in addition again completely residue, or replaced by a new design.

The skins can be even multiple use judicious application. The protectors are very high-quality high-quality and therefore precious. The easy to muster the skins on the GelSkins website via video instructions simply comprehensible represented. My laptop is beskint already and will accordingly attract attention. Conclusion: A digital lifestyle gadget that is fun and really contagious.