Intestinal Diseases

And we do not want to hear about such things or discuss them. But is not it important for good health and cheerful mood? Even in ancient times Hippocrates said: "Death begins in the colon." If you do not pay attention to the large intestine, it can cause serious trouble. For example, diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease or cancer often has no other method of treatment, but only surgery … Doctors try to treat diseases of the intestinal tract but sometimes they are not able to delve into the causes of illnesses of each patient. And if we can somehow avoid such problems with the intestines? Retrieved on what we can, and best way to do this – prevention of natural resources. Who of us in childhood during cold infusions are not watered plants or decoction of herbs? Similarly, plants are widely used in more treatment of gastro-intestinal tract. Especially now, on hearing the so-called tea Holy Tea, or, in other words, "holy" tea. This herbal American Dr.

Miller has over 20 years renowned for its cleansing properties. Unusual the name of tea was named after the main component – a thistle, which is in common is more commonly known as holy thistle (Marin thistle, milk thistle, milk thistle, etc.). It is possible that it somehow linked with gratitude that consumers of tea sent to the heavens for such a wonderful drink. Their feelings and impressions of the reception of tea, many of them continue to send to the site on 'Guest' Along with thistle in the Dr.