In the process of germination is important that was always a pot lid. Of the 400 g of seeds obtained 1.5 kg of soybean sprouts. Germs may well replace the greens, they are very nutritious, cooked quickly (4-5 minutes).. Before preparing any foods they need scald with boiling water. Soy sprouts can be dried for storage in the oven. From immature soybean seeds can be gotorit tasty and nutritious canned food, and use for soups, sauces, etc., but to extract seeds from beans also need some additional training.

Beans need to drop 5 minutes in boiling water, which will facilitate the extraction of the grains. Soy milk. Rich, mellow, sweet drink a light cream color. On nutritional value equivalent to cow's milk, but unlike dairy products ene contains lactose, so it can be consumed by people with allergies and even babies suffering diathesis, and those who contraindicated the use of cow's milk. Soy milk in cooking can replace cow's milk, it can cook oatmeal, milk soups, pancakes, etc. It is a valuable source of B vitamins soybean oil. Liquid product is amber in color with a nutty flavor and a pleasant smell.

Srderzhit body needs acid, vitamins E and C, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. It is useful to enhance immunity, improve metabolism, normalization of the bowel, people suffering from kidney disease and nervous system. Tofu (bean curd). Tofu is a product of the consistency of soft cheese, almost odorless, light cream color. Characterized by high full content of vegetable protein, comparable to the protein amino acid composition of meat.