Give A Smile

How many times have you heard the phrase: 'You are so beautiful when you smile. " And it is true. You can not have people who are not attending a smile. Having a good mood, you infect others with positive energy, and they subconsciously perceive you as a very charming girl. But before I give the joy with your smile, you have to understand that it must be false and not stretched. If you genuinely smile, then with his lips and smile your eyes and your mind becomes open and welcoming. Everything is so simple! But there is one poblema. We can not always be in good spirits.

There are times when I want to mourn and reflect on life, it is natural and even useful. But you must understand that the problems are, and with them goes through life and we should enjoy every day that she gives us. Learn to lift your spirits and give a smile . Think that you bring a special joy. Let it even little things like good music or chocolate, but they will help ensure that the smile on your face appear more frequently.

First of all learn to smile at yourself and then you smile the rest! A very good way to cheer yourself up – it's just a nice guy smile on the street. Do not hesitate, you first catch the eye and hold it, smile. You will get a backlash and a lot of positive emotions that will not leave you without a smile for at least 10 minutes.