Figure Painted

FLAME candles and decorations from wick for making any kind of scenery was needed to draw first on paper the shape that you want to portray. All decorations are made constantly collapsible, ie made up of parts. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out what is fracking. Decoration candles are made along the lines of the figure from thin wooden planks and hoops, painted black paint, which drilled a hole for inserting candles. These plates firmly attached to a durable wooden framework. Decoration small cobble together from boards shield one side of which is painted black paint, and chalk to represent her picture on all lines which drilled holes for candles diameter equal to the outer diameter of the curly candles. Very well on board all the lines of the picture painted in the color, what would be fortified candles on it, leaving the field besides black.

Then the figure delineated completely. To insert the lower end of their candles dipped in a carpenter's glue or resin and inserted into the hole in which they . Candles should be to defend one another by at least 2.5 inches – for the candles 2.5 lines in caliber, and 3 inches – to spark the 3 lines in the pass, because if several candles are too close to each other, then the temperature around them rises strongly , candles begin to burn more and the flame of their merging into one common, why can not distinguish the figure. In general, the curves and sinuous lines of candles should put more, but less direct.