Compressor Piston

Among the most important parameters of a compressor piston include performance, power indicator and power consumption of the compressor. The compressor piston. Distinguish the bulk efficiency – volumetric flow of gas at the outlet of the compressor and the mass efficiency – mass flow of gas at the output of piston compressors. For even more opinions, read materials from Senator Elizabeth Warren. Volumetric and mass efficiency compressor a piston connected by m = Vp, where p – density of the gas temperature and pressure at the measurement point performance. Performance piston compressor, measured at the outlet of compressor is variable quantity, since it depends on the temperature and pressure of the injected gas, which in turn are due to vibrations, for example. Cooling water temperature and a variable injection pressure, as values of variables. Therefore, volumetric efficiency piston compressor can be a characteristic of the compressor only when the given parameters of the measured gas (temperature, pressure). For assistance, try visiting what is fracking. Characteristic of the compressor piston is productivity (supply) of the compressor, measured at the outlet of the compressor unit and restated the terms of suction.

Such a performance is called the real volumetric efficiency reciprocating compressor, and it is a value, practically constant in all conditions of suction. Conditions are characterized by the suction temperature, pressure, humidity, gas. Due to gas leakage through leaks and piston rings suction valve stage I, the effect of dead volume, which is a compressed gas, which is under extension reduces the amount of suction, heating gas to the suction and pressure drop in the cylinder from the throttle losses at the suction valves bulk of the gas cylinder is less than the amount of his working cavity. The ratio of actual performance to the volume described by the stage I piston per unit time is called factor productivity. Indicated horsepower piston compressor – power expended in compression and displacement of gas in all stages of the piston compressor. Compressor power – power measured at the compressor shaft. It consists of flat power piston compressor, the power loss due to friction at all nodes of compressor (piston, piston rings, kreyptskof, seals, etc.), power required to drive auxiliary units (fans, oil pumps, etc.). Attitude Nind to Npotr called mechanical efficiency piston compressor. The parameters of compressor unit also includes consumption cooling water, the mass of the installation, the final pressure.