Best Bathtubs

Bath has long been a part of almost any apartment. And it serves not only for practical purposes, but is also able to bring a real pleasure. After the bath, you feel surge of vitality, activates work of the internal organs and blood supply. The modern market offers a large assortment of baths. Different materials: iron, steel, acrylic, as well as different shapes: round, angular, multifaceted A Price Range surprising diversity. Several decades ago, the choice of bathrooms was not high, and most people use cast-iron baths, getting them free from the state. Cast iron baths are still not out of the goods.

They long hold heat, the water in them can not cool down until a half hour. They are not afraid of corrosion, but they lack the enamel is resistant to mechanical damage. There is also a slight drawback – they are quite heavy. But the bath of cast iron durable. Therefore, they are so popular. When buying a cast-iron bathtub, take a look at color, evenness of coverage, no drips of enamel and chips.

Steel baths are light and cheap. They are easy to transport and install, but difficult to use. Water poured into the bath with this ringing, the neighbors immediately know about your intention to purchase. Water in steel tubs is very cool, so they will not work another hour to get warm. The walls of the steel bath should have a minimum thickness of 3.5 mm. Otherwise, when filling bathtubs with water bath sides begin to bulge. Good steel tub will last at least 20-30 years. Acrylic baths have appeared on sanitaryware market later than others, but in large quantities and on a variety of manufacturers. These baths can vary in design, varieties of acrylic, the number of reinforcement layers. The thickness of the acrylic should be at least 5-6 mm. The thicker acrylic, the harder it bends. Therefore, bath unusual shape made of material of lower quality, that is fine. To bath was stronger, reinforce it with fiberglass. Choosing acrylic bathtub, you can knock on it. Fainter than the sound, the multi-layered, and therefore more durable bath. Acrylic bathtubs are resistant to abrasion. They possess good thermal and acoustic insulation. If the damage acrylic bathtub can be easily restored without the involvement of specialist, with a special sealant. Also, acrylic prevents bacteria in a wet environment.