Prevention theatre with Fabio Esposito in the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg addiction prevention times unconventional: the actor Fabio Esposito and Angela Kersten of these days in the CJD reached with the play “Between heaven and hell” youth village for Offenburg 220 young people. The performance focused in story and language tailored to young people aimed to attract them and to motivate – without admonishing words and the usual raised forefinger to the conscious dealing with the topic of “Addiction”. The prevention Theater very convincingly showed how quickly results in the drug “Alcohol” in the dependency and ultimately into an abyss. The always cool Julio (Fabio Esposito) learns the schoolgirl Hannah at the audition on the Music Academy (Angela Kersten) know. The two fall in love, but the too-loose handling of alcohol has always verhangnisvollere consequences. Only Julio must after a collapse in the hospital, Hannah comes to the insight. You cut off the addiction and gets her life back under control. Julio in turn promises to make a therapy. In the subsequent round of talks discussed the actor with young people about their experiences in dealing with alcohol. “All music, because they want to be cool. But only the one who can say stop at the right moment, is really cool,”said Fabio Esposito and added:”you have so much power energy. The Spree robbing you this energy. Don’t let this!” The prevention Theatre in the CJD youth village for Offenburg, Germany took place in the context of health and addiction prevention weeks of Offenburg. Addiction prevention and health promotion play an important role in the holistic educational concept of CJD. Together with the musical and political education as well as religious education, they form the so-called core competencies. “With the prevention piece, which is deliberately kept in youth language, we can now three years optimally to reach young people and attract. The risks of alcohol use conveyed strongly every time”, explains Bodo Herrmann, organizer and teacher in the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg, Germany.