The urologist Dr. Aref El-Seweifi is specialized in the field of men’s health, man surgery and male sexual surgery, and laser surgery. Here, he has set an own philosophy. He based his work on these: prevention is the best medical service for the people. This is the standard of his work and the Foundation of […]

Anti-Cellulitus Exercises

To make exercises to reduce cellulitis is not only a form to stay in our ideal weight, also it helps to release to tension and stress us. Nevertheless, the physical changes will be always well-known not only as far as volume but also as far as the appearance of our skin, seeing themselves the more […]

Holy Spirit

In such cases, our spiritual assistance activities are almost limited to mere work of wrecker, objectifying distant results. When we find, however, interested in own cure sick, using our resources to apply them to its internal construction, then we cannot foresee immediate triumphs. (The bold is ours) God’s help is indispensable, of Christ and of […]

Brazil Hansenase

The baciloscopia of skin (esfregao intradrmico), whenever available, it must be used as complementary examination for the classification of the cases as PB or MB. The positive baciloscopia classifies the case as MB, independently of the number of injuries. By the same author: stone clinical laboratories. It is observed that the negative result of the […]


The ZEUS job offensive offers jobs in sales every person needs a livelihood, but often the branches, promoted, offer few prospects for success. Brian Thompson can aid you in your search for knowledge. This is different for ZEUS, the insurance of class, because when ZEUS not only the customers benefit from the high insurance protection […]