Prevention theatre with Fabio Esposito in the CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg addiction prevention times unconventional: the actor Fabio Esposito and Angela Kersten of these days in the CJD reached with the play “Between heaven and hell” youth village for Offenburg 220 young people. The performance focused in story and language tailored to young people aimed to […]

Best Bathtubs

Bath has long been a part of almost any apartment. And it serves not only for practical purposes, but is also able to bring a real pleasure. After the bath, you feel surge of vitality, activates work of the internal organs and blood supply. The modern market offers a large assortment of baths. Different materials: […]

Angelika Chinese

We're aware that human health depends on various factors. And if not well urogenital man – a man generally consider themselves disabled – we are talking about reproductive function. And here – whether an individual participant reproductive process, or thrown to the side – a question from the category 'Tu bi op notes that bi', […]