Part I the word TO BE of Latin figicare means to park in a place, not to leave it. Thus, the term to be in the current use of our time, represents sufficiently popular, brief, temporary a relationship affective, descompromissado, volatile, and imediatista between the adolescents. The adolescence for same itself finished for gaining a […]

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– The 'Time' shows the time of the operation. Time from 17 pm to 8 am is displayed red. – The 'Action' shows to be performed. The first line, the start of the program is displayed in blue. Green shows the operation to create an archive and copy it to the specified store. Records red […]

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On Medical Insurances, Google swindles to us? It is important to give to the users " verdaderos" results when they are looking for a key word in specific. Google is powerful and " magnnima" company obtains that it with masters. Nevertheless the results not always obey to which it looks for by the people. It […]