Game and toy as an engine of development in the child from 0 to 3 months. At this stage the game will help us to develop the prerequisites of communication, which are three: cenestesica sensitivity, perceptive and expressive capabilities and rhythms and scheduled time. The primary expression of the cenestesica sensitivity is body contact (the […]

Walker Parents

Schuaima is the dreamlike Kingdom (if it can be called so) Aniquirona, and Alexander de Brucco is Explorer, traveling salesman, Walker, the hermit. In his humble vision, sometimes feels a writer, sometimes he believes to be the man who draws a few lines, when in the background know perfectly well that it is only a […]

Buenos Aires

Ruth was born in a Jewish family. Four years older than her brother was always the favourite of his mother. Everything that the did was cause for celebration and adulation. On the other hand Ruth never listened to a greeting or a word of praise or a loving kiss. It was useless what he did […]

Kramatorsk Office Center Glory

Get area in the center of a modern office for rent – the solution for many businesses. Rent an office center, “Glory,” which in Kramatorsk, Donets region, will be much cheaper than through third parties. We offer you a wide selection of offices to rent. For anyone interested you the office you can get detailed […]

The Paradox Of Labour

Today is May 1 and festive: celebrate the labour day. Normally the festivities in the calendar come to sanctify (religious or laicamente) to persons, institutions or events of great importance and significance to the entire collectivity, preserving them annually in its historical memory. No doubt the work is it. But, why?. Yes, why?. Is work […]

Ironic Destination

People whom they needed to meet, kill the homesickness that the much time seemed hidden but, come tona. Looks are changed, and at these small moments some words are said. as if the night if disclosed unusual, an emotional overturn happens and all the ones that seemed to be with the control on the most […]

Nursing Scientific

Humanistic value of nursing decade after decade, nursing has become more sensitive to the implementation of the human needs in the health care field and has achieved this way more creativity in meeting these needs, as well as more objectivity in the analysis of their efforts and professional goals. Nursing is a dynamic profession and […]