The Paradox Of Labour

Today is May 1 and festive: celebrate the labour day. Normally the festivities in the calendar come to sanctify (religious or laicamente) to persons, institutions or events of great importance and significance to the entire collectivity, preserving them annually in its historical memory. No doubt the work is it. But, why?. Yes, why?. Is work a desired good? or is it more of an imposed necessity?. In my opinion, if the work is a desired good nobody would play the lottery. It would all live without the obligation of having to work to make a living and thus able to devote our time to what apeteciese us, including labour, if truly we apeteciese.

I.e. work has always served as a determinant of that part of the freedom of man referred to the use and enjoyment of their time, which can reach only buying it with money and to have it must work. And here does not leave the working, such and as we now understand it, it is not inherent or innate to human beings. Work is rather, a temporary circumstance in the young history of mankind and the consequence of the current state of the gradual process of development of the man on Earth: what we now need to live we must produce and in both not come (to arrive, even though I don’t know when) to a level of development that allow machines to it do almost everythingWe will have to follow in the Tagus. Does anyone imagine our society in the year 3,000 where people collect oranges, fix cars or fill us income tax return?. What painful expectation of development!. Culture idiosyncratic that, in every age, has defined the peoples is something so powerful that it arrives to set the minds of its members, leaving less them possibility of analysis and reflection. Admit that labour is a right is to give back to a reality that most well positioned as a duty.

Rights to exercise them or not at will, but on the duties do not have any ability to choice. We want something (the Work) that, when we have it, we hate it and when we lose it, long for it. There is no greater paradox!. Friends, we must work, it is true, because we don’t have another remedy, which does not mean that the work (well managed rationally and emotionally in our lives) can be source of satisfaction and personal enrichment (and not only material), as I have already argued out elsewhere on this Blog. The work, therefore, has secure expiration date in the history of mankind, and when this happens to our descendants with certainty not will them worry until a holiday on their calendar since then now all will be what Antonio j.