Protection from the Sun

Long been observed that a small exposure to uv rays is quite useful: increases the body's resistance to disease, increases blood flow to the skin, increase metabolism, activates activity of the skin tissues. But the positive effect of the sun turns into a devastating after 10-15 minutes of being under the burning rays. Increased dose of uv radiation can damage the skin or cause different skin disease. The conclusion is obvious: the skin from uv rays should be preserved. To do this, and there are suntan – creams, oils, gels and lotions. They contain tinted filters, they absorb most of the ultraviolet rays, preventing burns. Protective equipment to help skin cells to develop a special pigment – melanin, which acts as a filter. The degree of protection of the skin depends on the level of protective factor (SPF) funds.

On the label of its protective agent indicate the number (from two to 40 and above). It indicates how many times the reduced insolation using this tool. Found that with respect to unprotected skin safe to sunbathe for 10 minutes. Using a special sunblock, which, for example, the index of spf 12, you can no fears for health in the sun for 2 hours (10h12 = 120). During the winter lost melanin recovered gradually. Because in the early days of sun exposure is necessary to use creams with high protection – spf 25, 30 and above.

And children and people with red hair (because of the delicate dry skin) should not weaken the protection in the future. If you have enough tan is not worth absolutely refuse protection from the sun. Go to the tanning oil with spf index of 2 or 3, but for a person more suited fat gel. From this skin will get even a bronze tint. If you want to look beautiful before the summer season – will be useful tools tanning. ps French consumer magazine '60 millions de consommateurs' tested 15 creams from the sun and read the result that many of them are actually effective protect from sunlight, but it is desirable to have labels and annotations extradited more information (although the quality of the remedies it does of course not affected).