Medicaid Services

With the growing demand for Bariatric gastric bypass or gastric banding surgeries, some insurance companies are extending its coverage to patients who want to perform one of these surgeries. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMA) have been proposed to make some changes in Medicare to make them effective early this year. Coverage will be extended to the gastric band surgeries, since the gastric bypass was already covered above. Patients over 65 years old will be candidates if they meet the required conditions coverage be expanded when surgeries are carried out in centres of excellence, which are equipped with everything you need to perform these surgeries. Some experts believe that restricting the service only to centres of excellence can delay surgeries for patients.

This is due to that the centres of excellence can not accommodate all patients, and there has to be a waiting period before the surgery. In addition to Medicare, There are several financing options for some surgeries Bariatric, especially for the gastric bypass and gastric banding, even some insurance companies come to cover the cost of this type of procedure when it is found that surgery is due to reasons of health and not simply cosmetic. Questions to your physician or get close to us, you are not alone and there are many options to improve your health and achieve the aesthetic results of being at your ideal weight.