High Blood Pressure

May you blind trust doctors, even if they make clear misdiagnosis? \”On the occasion of each blood donation we are required to perform a blood pressure measurement and to determine the ability of donations due to legal regulations for blood donation. … The second 90 mm Hg (diastolic) value is determined in the blood pressure measurement, the recommendation intends to make doctors quite pronounced once a Checkup to leave.\” So the German Red Cross (DRK – blood donation service West) on 09.02.2010 in response to a complaint that a blood donor with known normal or low blood pressure (diastolic 80) by a Red Cross doctor was advised, the currently measured value (diastolic 90) as a possible high blood pressure (hyper tone) \”with the family doctor to clarify\”. Such a \”recommendation\” is inexcusable. 1. each, let alone every doctor needs to know how easily the blood pressure can fluctuate already a measurement can be falsified by speaking. Especially at the blood donation can than add distortion factors: white coat syndrome (Take care, the doctor could be a too high blood pressure), waiting in line, \”Anticipation\” on the insertion (in memory of previous painful skipped stitches), and so on so forth 2. To the quality of the primary care physicians / doctor’s Office s the study by k.

basket et al., \”Implementation of diagnostic recommendations in heart failure\” (DMW (DMW) 2010; 135; 120-124), as well as the diesbzgl. Comment by E. Erdmann, that the \”analyzed specialists in general medicine in less than half of the cases in their patients with congestive heart failure who perform proposed and correct routine diagnosis of recognised professionals\” it so \”lack the necessary care let\”, and that \”some doctors undisciplined autistic think and act\” (ibid. 123). 3. see also p. Prince’s report on her \”internship general practitioner\” (thieme.de, via medici, 03.05.2007) in a House doctor’s Office: \”in almost all patients, blood pressure was measured, a task that usually I took over – he was in many highly.