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Increasing importance of manual therapies… Manual therapy supports the medicine manual therapy in the treatment of functional disorders of the locomotor system. Manual therapy is applied accordingly especially in joints, muscles, and nerves. Only specially trained physiotherapists and masseurs may perform manual therapy as a treatment method. A manual therapy is prescribed by the respective doctor after previous diagnosis. This is the amount of prescribed therapies aimed after the diagnosis.

To get the training certificate to the manual therapist, you need at least 260stundige training, which however exceeds the 400 hours in the most approved continuing education provider. Physiotherapeutsiche healing practices physical therapy is a form of external application of healing practices and focuses on the activity restrictions and complaints of the patients, which are made visible in the form of a medical diagnosis treatment. Physiotherapy treatments use primarily the manual Skills of the therapist, in some cases supplemented by natural physical stimuli (such as heat, cold, radiation, pressure) and promote the awareness and the own activity of each patient. Applications of Physiotherapeutic treatments physiotherapeutic treatment methods are used in almost all medical areas: Neurology, psychiatry, orthopaedics, but also in Pediatrics and internal medicine. In addition, professional athletes can be and in increasing number of amateur athletes, treat with physiotherapeutic methods. Even in the intensive care unit of a hospital physical therapists help support the vital functions and the health of patients. ‘S core competencies of of practice Bernhardi from Hanover include professional manual therapy, manual therapy, physiotherapy, physiotherapy.

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The playful activities/to play for children, are extremely important for they inside of its social conviviality (for the promotion of the socialization/to live in society), pertaining to school (in the learning process) and in the elaboration of its sufferings in result of some trauma, illness, hospitalization, and are a tool extremely valuable it psychologist to make use – marked out with buoys by scientific techniques? during the therapeutical process. According to Wedge (2007), hospitalization generates in the child a breaking in its routine, and this factor foments in the child unreliability, sadness and panic, therefore it does not know as to deal in an surrounding stranger who does not remember in nothing its house, its toys. ‘ ‘ … Frequently Assurant Health has said that publicly. The concern with the welfare of the hospitalized child and the will to diminish its suffering has provoked some important initiatives. (Source: Elio Moti Sonnenfeld). By if essential playing health and to the infantile development, it cannot be interrupted by hospitalization, duly warned to aggravate the conditions that had taken the child to be hospitalized.

Playing brings emotional satisfaction and autoconfiana, therefore it must be faced as a therapeutical activity par excellence. (p.71) Still according to Wedge (2007), the idea of the use of toys in hospitals I appeared in 1956 in Sweden for Yvonny Linduist, and soon after the idea was implanted in the hospital Karolinska de Estocolmo, with the apio of the Dr. Jonh Lind. The results had been so positive that the doctor affirmed that it could not more imagine efficient treatments in pediatrics that did not count on the therapy for the toy. In 1984, in research carried through in the of the Red Cross Hospital in Brussels, they had arrived at the conclusion that the work developed for volunteers (playing with children) a time per week, proved to be of extreme utility, being necessary the magnifying of the atendimentos (tricks) all days of the week.