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This without speaking in other consequences as: increased consumption of coffee, alcohol, incapacity of concentration, frequent conflicts, feeling of onipotncia, low personal income and raised taxes of occupational absenteeism. Some scholars of the subject defend the Syndrome of Burnout as> being different it estresse of it. They allege that this illness involves negative attitudes and behaviors with regard to the customers (using of its service), organization and work, it estresse while it would appear more as a personal exhaustion with interference in its relation with the work. Stress is not an illness, is a reaction of the organism to one or more overloads. Whereas the Syndrome of Burnout is a psychic riot of depressive character, preceded of intense physical and mental exhaustion, defined for Herbert J.

Freudenberger as ‘ ‘ (&) a state of physical and mental exhaustion whose cause is closely on to the life profissional’ ‘. The twelve periods of training of Burnout more known and evidentes are: autoafirmao necessity; intensified devotion, normally tapeworm ; indifference with basic the personal necessities that throughout the time lose the pleasant direction as: to eat, to sleep, to leave with the friends; he stresses of conflicts – the carrier perceives that something does not go well, but does not face the problem. It is when the physical manifestations occur; reinterpretao of the values – isolation, escape of the conflicts. What before it had value suffers depreciation: leisure, house, friends, and the only one measured of auto-esteem is the work; negation of problems – in this phase the others completely are devaluated and had as incapable. The social contacts are repelled, cynicism and aggression is the signals evidentes (as he was salient); collect; evidentes changes of behavior; depersonalization; interior emptiness; depression – indifference marks, deprives of hope, exhaustion. The life loses the direction; e, finally, the syndrome of the professional exhaustion properly said, that corresponds to the physical and mental collapse. This period of training is> considered of emergency and the medical and psychological aid it is a urgent way.

Good Looking Chuchu

The good looking Chuchu Chuchu was born in a house where three children liveed. Before its birth, the children waited anxious for the arrival of the good looking baby. In one morning sunny, Dine, caulinha of the three brothers woke up and perceived that a light noise came of the direction of the window of its room. When hearing the sound, it was not contained It opened the door and it left running in direction that one barulhinho it attracted that it. Dine badly could believe when it looked at and it saw that youngling so branquinho that more it seemed a cotton piece.

That bonitinho The girl said! Mother, mother You do not go to believe, the good looking baby you were born. With all its euphoria the brothers of Dine had waked up and also fixed for a long time the olhinhos in that scene that per days, had waited. Chuchu goes to call itself, said Dine! the idea was approved by all. The days if had passed and Chuchu if it became the sensation of the house. Now it already ran, played and brought euphoria pra all those children.

One day, however Chuchu woke up doentinha. Its fallen olhinhos were reflected of that some thing was not so well. All had been worried! What it could have happened with Chuchu? Mother Cat miava insistently, as she wanted herself to say: Please, they make something for my baby! The children cried Until the mother of Dine spoke: We go to the veterinarian. Arriving the doctor there it said: only one indisposiozinha. Chuchu must have eaten something that did not make to it well. I go to apply it one remedinho and tomorrow it already will wake up saltitante. In the following day when waking up the children if had surprised at the recovery of Chuchu. It ran for the house and the olhinhos of those children had come back to shine. Mother cat, suspirava alliviated.

Buzzing In Ear And Dizziness

There are many auditory pathologies which can be expressed through a combination of symptoms such as a ringing in the ear and dizziness. When the dizziness that accompany tinnitus (or zoom) are transformed into vertigo, it is very likely that we are faced with a case of Meniere’s disease. Although little is known about the reasons that caused Meniere’s disease, her symptoms was always represented by episodes of dizziness, vertigo and vomiting followed by nausea and tinnitus caused by a disorder/otological / beeps. Although this is not a contagious or deadly disease, is a chronic condition. Meniere’s disease sufferers do not feel this symptomatology at all times.

Symptomatic occurrences appear as periodic crises and do not have a fixed duration. This condition usually occurs in one ear and only thirty percent of patients suffer from it in both ears at the same time. It was determined, through several studies, that the majority of the patients possessed background clinical of catarrh and recurrent colds. In many cases were patients with allergy problems that lived for extended periods with the clogged nasal passages. Is of great importance clarified that, when they suffer from a cold, Meniere patients are prone to inflammation of the eustachian tubes leading to the formation of adhesion of connective tissues that hamper the correct air inlet to the middle ear, which is the organ that, connected to the throat, receives all the air through the eustachian tubes. Before the occurrence of an attack of ringing in the ear and dizziness is recommended to lie on your back on a flat surface and stationary (ideally the soil).

To withstand vertigo, keep your eyes pointed toward an object fixed. Do not eat or drink a lot to avoid the possibility of vomiting. Then the symptoms go away, getting up very slowly and if they feel like sleeping, rest everything what is necessary. If vomiting persists for a long time, and they cannot keep fluids in the body, the doctor should be consulted to avoid dehydration. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.


Maria, menudita with the tiny waist and pronounced breasts. Your sallow complexion toasted by the Sun of our puna; hands tanned by frost every morning that you salias hurry to leave the flocks of their want want, so he told him to their sheep, lights with which came very early to take the fresh water of the Lakes surrounding the House in the great pampa where from the heights looked at the sky very blue and clean. You l. with all your strength to advance you to the dew that fell in the morning as fresh mist that caresses your tender cheeks. You only detenias to open your arms and that fog you and cherish you your body young and full of virtue. That your llamas and sheep you looked nonchalant in his teeth that freedom, they lowered their gazes to see green grass that grows there where condors with her white scarf, around his neck looking for look atop the peaks that loom as white robes to worship at your feet of llamero dolmen that sits in the village.

Why you don’t understand how your tata sold your pampa to the gringos, says that you gave much silver. They took all their things, which things, if only the pampa had and their sheep and llamas, but they also sold the tata to the Yankees, those fur color snow. You were very sad, by your llamas and sheep, many were pregnant and would now not see them to the carneritos and llamitas to raise them and have them in your lap. But you molestaste much with your Tata. You you no were sleeping much in those nights, not wise when the Yankees already botarian them your Pampa, and looked at the sad your llamas and sheep day who went to the coast, with what little they had as I said your Tata.

Pregnancy Screening Test

CONCLUSIONS: US study during work for diagnosis of fetal nuchal cord had high specificity (96%) and appears to be a good screening test for nuchal cord identification in high risk pregancies. Key words: Ultrasound; Umbilical cord; Nuchal cord; Nuchal coil. _ r introduction identification in the fetus of circular cord during the last trimester of pregnancy and at the time of the labour is of great importance, because of the morbidity and perinatal mortality which is associated with: neonatall, expulsion anemia, meconio2, metabolic disturbances of the balance acid-base3, asphyxiation perinatal4, 6 and fetal7 death. The prevalence of this entity varies from 15% during pregnancy up to 33% at the time of the parto8-10. The high frequency of lace circular has been associated with excessive length of the umbilical cord, polyhydramnios, small fetuses and vertice9 presentations, 11. At least in cases in which there is the diagnosis There is no clinical evidence of fetal distress, is indication of monitoring with fetal monitoring during labor, and with the emergence of variable decelerations or understanding of lace – for some authors – data is indication of cesarea5, 6.

The search routine, either by media clinicians or lace circular enclosure, can contribute to decrease morbidity and mortality perinatal12. There are different diagnostic methods to detect circular cord; clinical methods include understanding of the cuello10 and the vibroacustica5 stimulation and methods of Cabinet, among the ultrasonido10. Diagnostic ultrasound real time, 3.5 capacity is evaluated in the present study Mhz. MATERIAL and methods studied 114 patients who were admitted to the old maternity Bolognesi (current Virgin del Pilar clinic) in Trujillo, Peru, with pregnancy at term and in labor at active phase, without obstetric complications. Was made to all ultrasound obstetric (use) to his income, for the identification of lace circular; subsequently entered the service of hospitalization for management and surveillance of the labor. At the time of vaginal delivery or cesarean section, it was verified the presence or absence of circular cord in each of the patients who participated in the study.

The Fibroids

Other problems are resolved by the crowding, which can cause fibroids to press the urinary bladder or other internal organs, causing major problems While the baby is increasing in size. As you can see, most of the problems occur after conception, more than in the same conception, so instead of wondering how to get pregnant with fibroids, it may be worth considering that it is what you can do to belittle their fibroids until you start trying to conceive. With surgery, there is a period of recovery that must be considered and some women develop scar tissue after that, and this tissue can lead to conception problems. Surgery, does not address the cause of the growth of fibroids in the first place, which means that while you may initially operate, fibroids can grow back while you are trying to conceive. Begin treatment as soon as possible, either natural or surgical, is the best way is when thinking on how to get pregnant when you have fibroids, if it is that you can resize them, then the peace of mind that you will be well worth the effort it. Fibroids they are a condition that responds well to natural remedies and in an ideal condition to be treated because it is very rare that they constitute a threat of imminent death. It makes complete sense to try a natural treatment to belittle the fibroids before resorting to surgery or any type of hormonal drugs that can have their own side effects. If it is that you would like to learn how to become pregnant despite the presence of fibroids and how can you deal with them naturally in advance, please visit cure fibroids. Original author and source of the article

Abdominoplasty Procedure

The tummy tuck is an operation of cosmetic surgery used to improve both the appearance as the contour of the region of the abdomen. This procedure removes both the skin and excessive fat in the middle or lower part of the abdomen, carving at the same time the muscles that are underlying, in order to provide a much firmer appearance. A loose appearance abdomen can occur due to a pregnancy or very sudden changes in weight. For example, women who have had more than one pregnancy, have probably stretched the muscles of the abdomen along with the skin, which can be seen very beneficiary with this cosmetic surgery. After giving birth, a woman can regain muscle tone, however this will not contribute to carve tissue that connects these again muscles that has been stretched. Skin can also become loose after losing weight drastically and tends to hang, also fails to respond adequately to the exercise. This excess skin can be removed through the tummy tuck. Brief description of the procedure for this operation is first made an incision in the area of the lower abdomen, just above the pubic region.

The length of this cut depends on the amount of fat and skin that must be removed (can be from one side of the hip to another). To remove fat deposits also liposuction may be used, however the Abdominoplasty is needed and gives the best results in the event that the muscles are stretched or if there is a significant amount of loose skin. Obviously the case is different for each patient, since in some cases it is required to remove more fat while others require that it be removed more skin (in this case speak of a partial or complete Abdominoplasty). If the person suffers from a significant overweight, it is recommended to lose weight until the ideal weight so that the optimal results of the operation.


I discovered that the love is a great pretty feeling for signal, but the times can very be complicated, mainly when we make of it a mountain out of a molehill. Also I discovered that what destroys a great love is the plans and cobranasas illusions and this always was my bigger error, I do not know to love without planning, charging to delude, me, I wait very of the people and always I finish suffering in the end. But it is only when we perceive the tears draining for the face because of it, that we repent and want we forget it, but that one whom it on the inside drains of us does not add, is not erased and nor if it forgets, at least will be true. Everything that is or that one day was true if becomes a good souvenir, of that we make to feel homesicknesses. But in deep no matter how hard the love is complicated I and much people we do not want to be without sentiz it, therefore everything in the life has its good side and bad, when if it deals with feeling, the good side is well bigger. To each disillusionment that we have, a teaching that perhaps without it, never we poderiamos to acquire. It loves, therefore the life without love does not have favour, at least mine not to its?

Government Issues 12 New Ambulances For Communities Llanchipal

12 new ambulances whose investment totals 314 million dollars give the Governor of the Province of Llanquihue representation from the Governor insurance companies of the Region, together with the Director of Health health plans Service Dr. Eugenia Schnake to Llanchipal different communities represented at the occasion by their alcaldes.En the front of the Interior Provincial Llanquihue, on one side of the square of the city of lucian 12 brand new vehicles, which were blessed by the priest Father Nelson Gonzalez Larch then be received health by managers and drivers of the Hospitals of individual insurance Chaiten, Ancud, Queilen, Fresia, Quellon, Puerto Montt and Castro, and the CES Larch Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, The office and the Municipality of Calbuco Muermos for the Hospital in that city. Get an affordable health insurance package from is a health insurance provideroffers a variety of health insurance packagesis an innovative health insurance service companycan reduce your payment on health insurancehas one of the best health insurance plans It is health plan 10 basic and two advanced ambulances equipped to carry out their functions in different parts of the jurisdiction, all routed to the regulation of SAMU.