Tips for Aching Muscles Post-Workout

Sometimes riding a bike miles 50-60, and even more, and not on asphalt and dirt on the track, and sometimes carrying on their shoulders is great kilometer another face in the morning with such a problem as muscle fatigue. The muscles become 'hardened', slow-moving, sometimes you feel as strained muscle fibers. In order not to create a great article, which usually does not assimilate, no one remembers, we divide the muscles on the main group. In this post, let us take the leg muscles and their recovery after a hard day. First, briefly, and then in more detail: Exercising the legs, light load on the muscles of the legs nog.Massazh rukami.Ispolzovanie massager, the usual .

vibromassazhnogo belt or belt sauna There are a couple, but they are simple and banal: do not go anywhere and play and / or go to a massage therapist. Once persuaded, that the latter did not use the methods, although they also help. Now analyze the list of details: 1. Exercising the muscles begin their slow stretch. Sitting on the bed, alternately lift one leg off the floor up, with the toe of the foot pull over on itself.

Then the other leg. The most basic – is to listen to your body, start small, do smoothly. Repeat the exercise until you feel the heat in those muscles that had languished in pain. Try to raise the leg as high as possible, while not tilting and bending your back backwards. This exercise not only warms the thigh muscles, and ankle. That's all exercise, you can add one more thing. To stand upright, to find support, stand on tiptoe, one foot or the right left tear off the floor. If you have enough coordination, so please, stand on the toes of one foot per minute, or count to 60. The same exercise for the other leg. 2. Massage feet with his hands: there are no special techniques not know, apply Any massage that comes to mind, most importantly, feel like and how your muscles, you're the only person who can understand the validity and effectiveness of massage as well as the impact of each hand you feel feedback instantly. You can: rub the muscles, kneading them like dough, hammering his fists, ribs, hands, press down and poke them with a finger or fingers, use your knuckles as a natural massager, if you usually are not available, you can even tweak the muscle. The entire flight of fantasy to your feet! 3. Any massage that applies to the muscles, as improvised means, do not consider for a tautology, it is possible to use a pen, pencil, etc. Movement of all, the most basic: gradually pushes the muscle gently from the surface and in depth. 4. If you just too lazy to himself something to do with the muscles of the legs, you can wear vibropoyas (vibromassazhny belt) to enable smooth mode to start, and then add gradually the intensity of exposure. Or use the sauna belt, you can read about its use here. The most basic thing – do not use cheap imitations and do not see obozhgites, can wear it on the x / w fabric on this for now. Comment and ask, scold and criticize. The following article is devoted to the muscles of hands, although the principles are the same, but the exercises for the hands will be others.


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