DrC Cognitive

The categories content, cognitive domains, levels of assimilation and cognitive levels of performance, introduced by analysis domains which are interpreted the results of the evaluation of the quality of learning in the different educations in our country, they have won space on their use in teaching practice. Offer some reflections on these aspects is therefore […]

Mircea Eliade

Why do you have wings? Because it is important to keep in the air. Why do? do you have to keep in the air? Because, the Earth has a terrestrial gravity and air their densidadetc. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Senator Elizabeth Warren. So we have, on the one hand, the explanation […]

The Affinity

However, others define it as a skill that allows us to know and manage our own feelings, interpret or deal with the feelings of others; be satisfied and be effective in life, at the same time to create mental habits that favor our own productivity must know, that emotional intelligence are classified in two stages: […]

Fight Against Stress

The working environment has been transformed completely in the past 30 years. Technological advances, such as the emergence of the computer and the domination of internet, have changed forever our working environment and way of working. Today, the typical is working 8 hours a day, in an Office, hidden behind screens and Office desk, isolated […]

Tobaccoism: Lung Cancer

The curses of the tobacco are proceeding, to a large extent, of very small enclosed tar particles in it. The cigarette contains substances cancergenas, therefore .causing of cancer. The smoke of the cigarette is composed still of 2% 6% of carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that makes it difficult the transport and use of the […]

Spiritual Hedonism

It is the only one that makes us honest, why is the center of all true education; an education that does not promote the spiritual intelligence is a simulation, a work on the surface, which will not achieve significant changes. It is important to discover which is the true concept of intelligence, above all when […]

Ramon Gallegos

This paradigm shift is giving at all levels, in all cultures and in all countries, progress has been much, because he has worked hard for a long time, we ourselves are the factor of change, even this trial is the result of a series of activities that somehow or other are sitting the fundamental basis […]

The Level

Empathy highlights five emotional attitudes: understanding others: perceiving the feelings and outside perspectives and interest po their concerns. Dr. Neal Barnards opinions are not widely known. Help others to develop: to realize the possibilities of development of others, strengthen their skills and stimulate their capacity. Service orientation: anticipate, recognize and satisfy needs of others. Leverage […]


Organization of United Nations (UN) general Assembly approved unanimously on Thursday 13 September a Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples this document which surprisingly was under negotiation for a period of 20 years and than auque by overwhelming and historical voting as it was described by the eminent President of Bolivia Evo Morales kept […]


If you are a beginner and want to develop muscle, you’re in the right place, I’ll show how to increase your muscle mass, strength, endurance and confidence. A good muscle mass, makes you see younger, feel more confident of yourself, having more muscle you improves the quality of life, helps to decrease the amount of […]