Vlitter.com Opts For Inner Values In Finding Partners In

Just like in real life vlitter.com determine the success of properties such as ingenuity and charm at the Datingportal most likely. This is also the reason why are events like speed dating and single parties not ‘dead’ to get ‘, says j. Managing vlitter Schiemann. com. The new online dating Portal vlitter.com helps now and returns to the roots of the Internet dating. With his mainly practice-oriented but at the same time innovative approach, the portal sets itself apart from all other communities in the industry.

The vlitter user spared the annoying paperwork with questions about the favorite color, hobbies and life wisdom. Eva Andersson-Dubin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. “vlitter.com applies in particular to people who want to do not like to fill out forms and tests, but just like to get to know someone. After all, eventually no one fills out any questionnaires, if he would like to meet someone in the pub”, explains Maria Klein, founder of Vlitter.com. Worked for 26 years as a classic part mediator, White Maria Klein, what she’s talking about. Their numerous practical experiences are incorporated at Vlitter.com. But also technically speaking, the new online dating platform goes other way than traditional portals. So Vlitter.com in the trial procedure relies on the instrument of the Internet auctions and thus accelerated the efforts of its users to a rendezvous. Partner-seekers make profile including photo first without specifications according to your needs.

After you imagine then in the context of an auction of the Vlitter community. Users have 30 days long time per bid, which consists of a proposal for the first rendezvous to the favour of the person in question to “compete”. “Above all creativity is needed here. Because a boring ‘we go get a cup of coffee’ certainly not sufficient, to another person and finally awarded”, so the partnership expert. The auction model has also many advantages: firstly users need to deal in detail with each other. Mass mailings have Thus no chance. On the other hand, there is no index corpses or so-called fakes. “For the more advance knowledge learn at Vlitter.com, the candidate or tenderer chat with their object of desire can” Exchange. This is however only until the auction duration has elapsed. Special feature of the vlitter chat: the history of conversations is logged and which can be read after all this time. Finally the user is awarded the contract, failed to impress the users the most. About Vlitter.com the online dating Portal Vlitter.com has been invoked by Maria Klein and Jorg Schiemann in life. Small has worked for 26 years as a classic partner mediator. At the same time, she is a successful author of “Liebesdienste – chats under the covers of a dating agency” and editor of an online single guide in the format of a discussion forum. Insight into their everyday work Maria Klein granted within the framework of the weblog Liebesdienste”(). More information and registration see: Villa Bellevue contact: Jorg Schiemann Hauptstrasse 14 CH-8280 Kreuzlingen Tel: + 41 (0) 71 671 28 09 – 07533 / 7839 E-Mail: Internet: &