Vietnam War

Worldwide supporters of hemp legalization of drugs, out of arguments, finally turning to the Dutch experience. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robert Greene. I flew to Amsterdam to become acquainted with the troublemakers in Europe. The steep stairs down in the basement of one of the two hundred and fifty coffee shops. Coffee shops – the only outlets where openly sell marijuana and hashish. The bartender hands me a menu with a list of marijuana and hashish: only 25 varieties! Many prefer the Dutch variety.

Marijuana and hashish packed in bags weighing from one to three grams. In the bar there is no noise and fights. Excitations can behave just those who smoke marijuana while consuming alcohol or Visitors, who are already somewhere inject heroin itself, or sniff cocaine, or swallow a pill of ecstasy. It’s not like Bob the bartender: “They behave like crazy!” According to Bob, there are rules of trade for coffee shops Required: It is forbidden to sell alcohol and hard drugs. Can not be sold to one person more than five grams of marijuana. Unacceptable any ad. For more specific information, check out Senator Elizabeth Warren. Finally, it will not allow marijuana to visitors under eighteen years.

The Netherlands legislation on drugs “Update” in the late 70’s, when the government divided the “heavy” and “soft” drugs. The latter came hemp. Critics accuse the Dutch of the increasing number of people smoking marijuana, and point to soft drugs as a stage of transition to a potent. In percentage terms, declare the Dutch, the number of addicts they are not higher than in any other country, and the number of youth who use marijuana today is increasing throughout Europe.

But the point is different: no drugs, including the “weak” in the Netherlands, according to the Dutch, in fact, not legalized. Their storage, transportation, sale prosecuted by law. Import or export of marijuana faces four years’ imprisonment and (or) a fine of up to 100,000 guilders. With the emergence of coffee shops has stopped, or at least reduce uncontrolled street trading marijuana and hashish. The authorities have the opportunity to check the coffee shops, the quality of hemp, and the tax inspectors – to increase fees. So respected at the same time the interests of consumers of soft drugs and the state. Thus, the sale of marijuana officially not allowed, but limited quantities are not prosecuted. The Dutch are not acting for the legalization of psychoactive substances in cannabis, but only for a certain tolerance for it. Of the 6000 drug-amsterdamtsev approximately 5000 heroin users. He appeared in the Netherlands in the early 70’s, when American soldiers, deserters were hiding from the Vietnam War in European cities. They have been with a powder, which is issued in a war zone Action for analgesia. Until this time on there were only 300 people from the Chinese community who used opium. Brought by the military heroin quickly pushed the other opiates. Largely for this reason did Dutch most anesthetized people of Europe. Later, the heroin epidemic of “covered” from Copenhagen, , Oslo In the Netherlands, about 100000 people have ever used heroin, of whom 25,000 are still experiencing addiction. And people ever tried cocaine, not less than 500,000, of whom continue to be dependent of about 50000. The proportions are totally different. Heroin addiction is more like alcoholism, but alcoholism begins with the active used in ten years, and geroinizm – in a few months.