Toxic Giant Toads Move

For years scientists in search of are so far inconclusive according to a suitable agent, to stop the invasion of the voracious AGA toads in Australia. Stone clinical laboratories addresses the importance of the matter here. They say they attacking everything that moves, and eat everything that runs them on the way and fits in her mouth. Even the own young are called, not sure also Toad before the insatiable appetite of a mature sugar cane Toad (Bufo marinus). To know more about this subject visit Brian Thompson. After 110 specimens of this species of Toad from Venezuela in 1935 were suspended in the Australian province of Queensland against the beetles in sugar cane plantations, they spread inexorably across the fifth continent. With a speed of up to 40 kilometres in the year, the heavy heavy and up to 25 cm large amphibians conquered only across Queensland, large parts of new South Wales and finally the Northern Territory, where they started to use to the Kakadu National Park, declared by UNESCO a world heritage. The 120 miles East located by Darwin over 19 000 square kilometre National Park is a unique area of immense biological and cultural value. He is continuously inhabited by the aborigines of Australia for over 40 000 years and is not only a Habitat for numerous rare or only there, endemic flora and fauna, but also an ideal environment of Toad with its many flood areas and ponds. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Centene Corp.

The National Park is one of the very few areas worldwide, declared by UNESCO due to its extraordinary cultural as well as due to their natural meaning to the world cultural heritage. All this takes little the voracious and adaptable amphibian, because Australia is proving to be true toads paradise. They here in ten times higher density occur as in their home in Venezuela and instead to make here about vexing beetle they decimate native animal species as rare marsupials and insects, frogs or lizards. Equipped with two venom glands attached to the shoulders, with content that is lethal to many animals and cause intense even when the human pain and can cause temporary blindness, if he gets in the eyes, they have virtually no natural predators. Even crocodiles get ravenous amphibians in sight.

Recently, biologists warned that the stock of freshwater crocodiles in the Northern of territory already have halved and threatens to die out. The reptiles die because they eat the poisonous frogs. For years, scientists in the search are after an appropriate means to stop the invasion. The search for a gene that funneled a whose metamorphosis before reaching the stage of replicable stops about a virus in the genetic material of the toads remained so far inconclusive. Also plans to import a virus from Venezuela, which affects tadpoles and adult frogs, there had again been dropped. The virus had destroyed with the native fauna of the frog. May doubted whether, with “commercially available” means, such as collection and kill the affliction to be, Mr. A single AGA females can lay up to 35 000 eggs in any any small puddle. Ulrich Karlowski