The Morbillivrus

The fever is low and the conserved general state; III – Atypical measles occurs in people who had before received some years the vaccine from virus died against infectadas measles and form later for the wild virus. The patient presents high fever, chronic headache, abdominal pain and mialgia; IV – Purprico measles, the evolution is favorable, differently of the hemorrhagic measles. The eruption is petequial or purprica, acometendo the face mainly. Being the measles of virtica etiology, the survey of some consideraes becomes necessary on the .causing virus of the Measles: The virus of the measles is a virus of RNA classified in the Paramyxoviridae family, Morbillivrus sort, species measles, with only one known type. The Morbillivrus is represented by the virus of the bovine plague, the virus of small ruminants (goats) the virus of cinomose of the dog. Although the hosts are different, the illnesses caused for the Morbillivrus are similar in the envolvement of the respiratory system and in the sprouting of the cutaneous eruption. The virus is composed of an internal portion, the nucleocapsdeo, contends an only genome RNA, envolto for a external and distinct layer to the way of an envelope of lipdico-glicoprotico material derivative in part of the cellular membrane it host (VERONESE, 2001: p.

667). After the settling of the superior aerial ways for the o virus of the measles, the response occurs in the epitlio of the mucosa. The susceptveis cells are attacked and destroyed for the intense response of the virus, at the same time where if it develops the fusing of the membranes with formation of sinccios of giant cells. On the other hand, it occurs disorganization of the chromosomes, destruction of citoesqueleto and appearance of corpsculos of inclusion in the nucleus and cytoplasm (DOMINGUES, 1997: P.168). After the response, occurs the viremia, and through the lymphatic system the virus reaches the marrow, vsceras abdominal, nervous skin and system.