The Christians

To say something, no longer we are in a time in which a Pope can summon an army of cruzados so that they ahead take to the slaughter of Muslims and Jews. The Christians are even better Christians thanks to us those that we moved away of the belief in the superstition. Don’t mention it. I fodder that the moral of the humans is the result of a similar process to which it helped our ancestors to lower of the trees. It is in evolution.

It is not crystallized, and indeed for that reason it is that the form to take advanced it, generation after generation, is to act according to our vision of the world and our sense of the good and the evil. To infect the good, to serve as example. To leave our vision of the world flows and evolves instead of to anchor us in the ridiculous millenarian beliefs of small groups of shepherds of ewes. Somebody thought ” at some time; Che, is not that well to have esclavos.” or ” vo, able that the women also must have right to voto.” and thus she was that in the West we gave giant jumps in the civil rights. That is a fight that is continued giving and been one that the reactionaries with imaginary friendly continue reacting. As well as in questions of sexual health, of equality of sort and tolerance to the sexual diversity it seems to me imprudent to yield the word to him to organizations of old virgins who consider that the repression of the sexual instinct is a virtue; also it seems to me impertinent that those that adore to so vile deities advise to us on moral. Dear colleagues, friendly and relatives: them desire that have happy celebrations and I invite them that they have been looking for a sense of the good and the evil in his own ideal vision of the world and not in a flameante shrub of the Middle East for 5000 years.