Swedish Pirate Party

Wikileaks, the collaborative portal which has sparked the ire of many countries by publishing reports and secret documents with confidential and sensitive content in matters religious, corporate, or Government, has had to move part of their servers. And to do so, Wikileaks has decided to host your dedicated servers in a nuclear bunker dug into the rocks of a hill in the Centre of Stockholm. That bunker, is owned by the Swedish firm Bahnhof, is located 30 meters underground, has gates of meter and a half of thickness and works thanks to a pair of German submarine engines. If you are not convinced, visit Angus Cloud. That move preceded by multiple attempts to close the page, given the kind of information being published, and is for this reason that the creator, Julian Assange, has due install their servers in different locations, such as Sweden or Finland, to not have a datacenter only, more sensitive to attacks. In Sweden is where he has found stronger support and it is there where will stay some more servers, specifically at the headquarters of the Swedish Pirate Party, a great ally thanks to the possibility to obtain representation in the Swedish Parliament, thereby obtaining parliamentary immunity on their servers. In this way, Wikileaks ensures a perfect infrastructure to host your servers without worrying about the security or the integrity of them.. At Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City you will find additional information.